The AudiologyNOW! 2016 conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona this week (April 13-16), provides a world stage for hearing solutions providers from around the globe. At booth #647 in the exhibit hall of the Phoenix Convention Center, ALPS International from New Delhi, India, is showcasing a full line of hearing solutions in a range of styles and colors.

ALPS produces hearing aids with high technology features such as automatic adaptive directionality, dynamic understanding of speech in noise, adaptive feedback cancellation, 128-band noise reduction, a built in tinnitus masker, and data logging, among others. ALPS develops hearing aids in BTE, RICTC, CIC, and HRH BTE styles to accommodate all hearing loss needs.

Dyana i hearing aid

Dyana i hearing aid from ALPS

The company offers a special economy line to ensure that its hearing aids are affordable for all who need them which, according to Anup Narang, helps to fulfill its mission “to empower people across the globe with the best hearing solutions.”

According to ALPS, its product line includes digital hearing aids that have been built with the purpose of clear audibility even in environments such as noisy meetings and parties. The company’s line of high-resolution digital hearing aids include the Dyana i, Karizma i, and the Amazer Super Power. Other digital hearing solutions at other price points include the 6 S Pro, Space i, and SmartEar.

Karizma i hearing aid

Karizma i hearing aid from ALPS

ALPS reports that its Super Power solutions can help people with severe to profound hearing losses with audibility and comfort in comparison to most other BTE instruments. The ALPS Super Power hearing solutions include the Amazer, Space i SP, and the Grand Master. The company also offers a rapid fit BTE digital hearing aid, the Erika or Classique, that it says is ideal for quick fit requirements, and also for places where a PC or laptop is not available.


Amazer Super Power digital hearing aid from ALPS

This privately owned Indian company that exports to more than 30 countries also offers cochlear implants through Oticon Medical, and fitting systems, audiometers, and other hearing care instruments through Interacoustics. To learn more about the range of hearing solutions offered, visit the ALPS International website.

Source: ALPS International; ALPS Worldwide