September 6, 2007

Cochlear Americas has announced its newly expanded OMS Insurance Support department. OMS Insurance Support (Otological Management Services: Insurance Support) is a dedicated team of individuals who are a part of Cochlear Americas reimbursement team. Since it began nearly 20 years ago, OMS Insurance Support has helped over 5,000 individuals in their efforts to secure insurance coverage.

In a news release the company described the OMS Insurance Support team as dedicated to helping patients get the insurance coverage they need in order to receive a cochlear implant or Baha hearing implant device. OMS Insurance Support will assist patients at any stage of the pre-authorization or appeals process, the news release stated, adding that OMS Insurance Support provides its services free of charge, and patients can choose a device from any manufacturer that meets their specific hearing needs.

The company reports its newly expanded team handled more than 600 cases last year, and expect to assist even more patients this year given the increased demand for Baha devices and bilateral cochlear implants. OMS Insurance Support provides:

• Preauthorization services

• Verification of insurance coverage

• Assistance with the appeals process if denied coverage

• Assistance with any questions about the insurance process

• Educational materials about the benefits of cochlear implants and Baha devices

Cochlear’s Reimbursement Department provides: Medicare and Medicaid billing service: directly bills Medicare and Medicaid for CI parts and accessories.

For more information, visit or, or you can e-mail [email protected] or call (800) 633-4667.

SOURCE: Cochlear Americas