Audiology clinicians using portable electronic equipment in their practices may appreciate a new lab coat with 16 pockets designed to hold smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Both men's and women's lab coats have inner pockets for electronic notepads and tablets.

Both men’s and women’s SeV Lab Coats have special pockets for electronic notepads and tablets.


This month SCOTTeVEST (SeV), a company that incorporates gadget-friendly pockets into their clothing designs, has launched a new line of lab coats for men and women. The multi-pocketed lab coats were created with the modern, tech-savvy medical professional in mind.

“Whether you are talking about medical devices or personal electronics, an item must be easily carried, accessed and powered to be useful,” explains SCOTTeVEST CEO and Founder Scott Jordan. “The new lab coats enable tech-connected medical personnel to carry and use their devices as intended.”

The SCOTTeVEST Lab Coat showing hidden pockets for gadgets and tools.

The SeV Lab Coat showing some of the hidden pockets designed for gadgets and tools.

The company reports that a lab coat like this has been a common request from its customers working in medicine and engineering. The lab coat’s 16 pockets include:

  • Two handwarmer pockets for easy access to small items
  • Two pen pockets, suitable for pens and examination lights
  • Two exterior drop-in welt pockets for prescription pads and diagnostic tools
  • Two interior cell phone pockets to protect phones from exposure to external contamination
  • Four interior chest pockets and one ID badge-friendly exterior chest pocket
  • Two tablet pockets sized to hold an iPad and log books. The integrated weight management system distributes the weight evenly to prevent a pull to one side
  • One long ruler pocket intended to hold slender instruments upright

The SeV Lab Coat has an invisible, high-tech nano treatment on the exterior fabric to make it stain- and water-resistant. It is constructed of durable polyester-twill in professional white, with double vents in back for ease of movement. It currently sells for $125, and is available for purchase from SCOTTeVEST.