Summary: Widex will showcase its SmartRIC hearing aid, which boasts an L-shaped design that enhances directional microphone placement, at the AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo. 

Key takeaways:

  • Widex will introduce the SmartRIC hearing aid at AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo. 
  • The design of the SmartRIC hearing aid is designed to elevate microphone positioning, enhancing signal-to-noise ratio for clearer hearing in noisy settings.
  • Attendees can participate in expert-led courses on Widex solutions, including SmartRIC, and its impact on improving hearing experiences.

Widex says it will showcase the new Widex SmartRIC hearing aid at the AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo and conduct several expert-led courses on getting the most out of Widex solutions. 

Widex at the AAA 2024+HearTECH Expo

Attendees can visit Widex during AAA 2024, April 17-20, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. 

“Our promise to HCPs is that we will always work relentlessly to pioneer unique technologies that deliver better hearing experiences for their patients,” says Alan Raffauf, Widex VP of marketing. “The latest example of this commitment is Widex SmartRIC. Featuring a groundbreaking L-shaped design, it’s truly “Smarter by Design,” combining the benefits of exceptional focus, ultimate convenience and unparalleled aesthetics. Having already received phenomenal feedback at early customer trainings, we’re thrilled to introduce SmartRIC to the broader HCP community at AAA 2024.”

An Enhanced Design for the SmartRIC Hearing Aid

SmartRIC’s L-shape places the device’s microphones higher up on the ear, making the angle between them closer to horizontal. This enables the directional microphone to align with what patients are focusing on, resulting in an improved signal-to-noise ratio in noisy environments. This enhancement is designed to help patients engage in every social situation and live their lives more fully. Also included is Widex’s first-ever portable charging case, which can fully charge the hearing aids in four hours, or add eight hours of continuous use through a 30-minute fast charge. 

Along with SmartRIC demos at the Widex booth, a company training expert will lead a presentation on the Expo Floor designed to educate attendees on Widex SmartRIC and how its unique design unlocks new angles of natural hearing.

Other courses include:

  • Longitudinal Effects of Sound Therapy on Tinnitus-Related Distress
  • Delivering Long-Term Benefits in Tinnitus Management with Widex SoundRelax
  • Widex: What We know So Far About Sony OTC and What’s Coming Next
  • Refocusing the Conversation: The Benefits of Thinking Differently About Directionality
  • Industry and Audiologists: Working Together to Reduce the Level of Untreated Hearing Loss

Featured image: The Widex SmartRIC hearing aid. Photo: Widex