Unitron has just introduced Flex:trial™, a new trial hearing instrument that allows hearing care professionals to give new patients immediate access to a sophisticated trial hearing aid fitted to the patient’s specific hearing needs. It can also be used as a high quality temporary replacement.

Flex:trial is not a conventional demonstration unit. With Flex:trial, hearing clinicians are able to program a single hearing instrument to higher or lower levels of technology, as many times as needed, for the time period they choose, in order to provide a trial solution to a client.

With this new platform, patients newly diagnosed with hearing loss can access the hearing product and technology level suited to their needs and experience the benefits of amplification at their first appointment.

The Flex:trial devices can also be used to bridge repairs as loaners programmed exactly as the client’s current hearing instruments. Flex:trial is available for Unitron products built on the Era™ platform, including Quantum™ and Max™ BTEs, as well as Moxi™ CRTs.

“Flex:trial is an entirely new approach to trial and to fit hearing instruments. It offers a hearing healthcare professional the flexibility to quickly and easily provide their clients with better hearing and a positive experience at their very first appointment,” says André de Goeij, director of product management, Unitron. “The solution is risk-free for [hearing aid providers], as they can program a single hearing instrument to any Unitron technology level without having to invest in inventory. And clients can immediately experience the appropriate level of technology right for them, which eases the fear and uncertainly that often occurs during the typical two week waiting period between diagnosis and an individual receiving their first hearing aids.”

Unitron says that Flex:trial will be available starting in October 2012. Consult your local Unitron representative.

SOURCE: Unitron