Minneapolis — Starkey Laboratories Inc has just launched AMP, a new invisible ITC hearing aid marketed toward patients “who are not ready to wear a hearing aid.”

In its press statement about the new AMP, Starkey describes the reluctance of individuals to consider hearing aids because they do not want to be seen wearing one or have outdated perceptions of how they sound.

Starkey’s AMP is invisible in most ears, as it rests inside the ear canal. Additionally, AMP’s programming method is designed to allow patients to walk out the door wearing an AMP in a single visit.

Other features include:

  • completely digital, four-channel signal processing;
  • feedback cancellation to extend the fitting range;
  • elastomeric sleeves designed to promote airflow and reduce occlusion;
  • available in a variety of sizes to fit a range of ear anatomies;
  • a size 10 battery; and
  • a magnetic wand that allows patients to turn AMP on and off as well as adjust volume.

SOURCE: Starkey Laboratories