Minneapolis, Minn Interton, a  manufacturer of hearing care products,  has introduced Interton Scope with SoundScape technology that enables the wearer to experience a more comfortable sound and better spatial awareness – even with the instruments set in directional mode.

The product also features two efficient feedback management systems that work to reduce whistling interference noises.

Interton Scope6 is designed for optimal sound quality, fully automatic features and for patients who often experience more challenging listening situations.

Interton Scope4 is geared toward active individuals who are seeking improved sound in everyday listening situations. Both Scope families feature all the models needed to cover the range of hearing loss from mild to severe, as well as wearer preferences and lifestyle.

Models include CIC through power BTE styles in a variety of neutral and discreet colors, along with a mini-BTE and a receiver-in-the-ear style.

SOURCE: Interton