Donors flank Nana Fabu family, after Kingsly Nana Fabu received hearing aids via the Sonic Kids program.  

Sonic Innovations Inc, Salt Lake City, is partnering with the Utah Department of Health, Hearing Speech, and Vision Services (HSVS), and the Utah Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee to help children with hearing loss. The program, entitled Sonic Kids, will provide two hearing aids per month to Utah children at no cost to their families.

The first recipient of the Sonic Kids program is 8-year-old Kingsly Nana Fabu, who received the initial fitting on January 19 at the Children with Special Health Care Needs Bureau, Salt Lake City. Kingsly received a pair of Sonic Velocity 24 BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids. These are the premium aids in the Velocity line of products suited for patients who are constantly in challenging listening environments that typically include background noise.

“Sonic Innovations is proud to be part of such a worthy project," said Sonic CEO Sam Westover, in a statement. "Children’s hearing loss can lead to developmental, emotional, and communication issues, which can often times be corrected with a simple hearing aid. I believe that the Sonic Kids project will change the lives of several children in need.”

Kingsly Nana Fabu’s mother said she was very happy when the audiologist told her Kingsly was receiving the hearing aids. “I could not afford hearing aids, so I am very excited they will help my child. As a mother, you want your son to hear you. Now he will hear better in school and at home,” said Aline Nana Fabu, in the statement.

Applicants for the Sonic Kids program may be referred by public and private agencies and audiologists. Audiologists who fit the hearing aid(s) must agree to the use of the best practice hearing aid fitting protocol endorsed by the Utah Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee. The managing audiologist will work with Sonic to choose appropriate hearing aid(s) for the eligible child.

“This is such a wonderful and exciting opportunity,” says Dr. Kelly Dick, chair of the Utah Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee. “Families of children with hearing loss who are not able to afford hearing aids may apply to receive them through the Sonic Kids program. All applications will be reviewed by a selection team that will determine which children meet the eligibility requirements. Factors include age and financial need.”

Sonic Innovations has international offices and manufacturing centers around the globe. Sonic is part of the Otix Global Inc, family.

[Source: Sonic Innovations]