Following a year of successful application with P2i’s Aridion™ 8 nanocoating system, Hearing Lab Technology, formerly known as America Hears, has agreed to increase production through the introduction of a larger 40 liter Aridion system.

With its larger nanocoating system, Hearing Lab Technology says that it will be able to not only increase the volume of hearing aid devices treated, but will also expand the treatment to headsets and other electronics.

The Aridion nanocoating, which protects hearing aids from the effects of water and corrosion damage, is applied at low pressure in a vacuum chamber. This ensures that the coating is not only applied to every component of the device, internally and externally, but is durably bonded to the surface of the hearing aid.

Carl Francis, CEO, P2i, commented in the press statement, "Utilizing the Aridion 8 as a stepping stone, the company was able to validate the technology and performance before investing in a larger system and higher volume. The ongoing partnership is a powerful endorsement of our technology, and we look forward to supporting Hearing Lab Technology as they continue to grow in the future."