Olive Union announced that Engadget awarded its Smart Ear as the “Best Wearable” in the International CES 2020 “Best of CES Awards” based on innovation, quality of design, overall efficiency, and market demand. The award-winning wireless earbud is now available for purchase on Amazon.

The Olive Smart Ear is described in the company’s announcement as “an affordable hearing amplifier that helps you better hear the sounds of everyday life—from conversations with friends and the television across the room to the waiter at your favorite restaurant. It looks like a regular wireless earbud because its designers aimed to remove the stigma associated with conventional hearing aids to create a cool, functional accessory that people would be excited to wear, instead.”

Engadget Reviews Editor Cherlynn Low describes it as a “hearing aid disguised as a true wireless earbud.” It can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and can be calibrated to each user’s personalized settings by completing a five-minute hearing test using Olive’s app, the company says.

“We’re determined to remove barriers for people to improve their hearing. We feel one step closer to making this a reality since being chosen for a ‘Best of CES Award’ at the world’s largest and most prestigious electronics show,” said Olive Union Founder and CEO, Owen Song. “We are also thrilled to announce that the Olive Smart Ear can now be purchased on Amazon with a click of a button. It is accessible and affordable, and our hope is that people wear it proudly, without the shame or embarrassment of a traditional behind-the-ear hearing aid.”

The “Best of CES Awards” program started over a decade ago to celebrate the innovation and noteworthy products on display at CES each year. Engadget returns for its seventh year adjudicating the official Awards in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association (CES).

“The ‘Best of CES Award’ winners feature some of the most ingenious advancements in consumer technology, and each year our team continues to be impressed by the innovations showcased,” said Dana Wollman, editor-in-chief of Engadget.

The Olive Smart Ear is available in white or black for $299 for a single earbud with portable charging case. Please visit Amazon for more info and to purchase.

Source: Olive Union

Image: Olive Union, CES