Turtle Beach Corporation, an audio technology company headquartered in San Diego, Calif, has announced a new partnership with American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA) in advance of launching its HyperSound Clear, a directed audio solution that is designed to improve sound clarity and speech intelligibility for individuals with hearing loss. This new partnership will make AHAA, a nationwide network of hearing healthcare providers, one of the first to offer HyperSound Clear when it launches later this year.

AHAA “We’re dedicated to empowering and supporting our network of hearing care professionals by providing a portfolio of strong, customer-centric solutions that add true value to end-users,” said Barbara Lewis, director of customer excellence and quality assurance for AHAA. “We recognize one of the key drivers to accelerating audiologic treatment is continually innovating current technology and developing new ones, and HyperSound Clear is a great example of a new technology that has the potential to really improve the lives of people with hearing loss.”

HyperSound is Turtle Beach Corporation’s approach to sound delivery that utilizes thin panels to generate an ultrasound beam that carries audio through the air. The panels direct sound in a narrow, controlled beam; much the way a flashlight directs a beam of light. People within the beam’s radius will hear immersive 3D audio, similar to wearing a surround sound headset. The characteristics of the HyperSound Clear audio beam have been shown to improve the clarity of audio and speech intelligibility in individuals with certain types of hearing loss.

“We are obviously thrilled to announce this partnership with AHAA as they immediately understand HyperSound Clear’s value proposition for the hearing healthcare market,” said Rodney Schutt, senior vice president and general manager for HyperSound at Turtle Beach Corporation. “HyperSound Clear is a great fit for the hearing healthcare industry, whether as a gateway product in the early stages of a patient’s hearing health journey prior to owning hearing aids, or as an ‘unplugged’ entertainment solution after they’ve purchased hearing aids.”

Turtle Beach Corporation received FDA clearance to market the HyperSound Audio System in February 2014.

“HyperSound Clear’s novel approach to delivering speech intelligibility makes it a uniquely effective solution, not only for individuals with hearing loss, but for their loved ones as well,” added Tina Soika, president of AHAA. “We are excited to provide our associates with a wider range of hearing loss treatments than ever before.”

Source: Turtle Beach Corporation