Hal-Hen provides a comprehensive offering of impression materials and accessories, including: Perform 2-part silicone; Accuflex II impression gun system; silicone singles, liquid, and powder systems; impression and measuring syringes; mixing vessels and spatulas; ear and head protectors for casting; and practice ears, earlites, and cotton or foam Oto-blocks in all sizes from children to adult. (800) 242-5436.

Insta-Mold Products
Insta-Mold Products offers the Dura-A-Sil Equal silicone impression material. With a Shore A of 20, it is reportedly the softest silicone rubber in the hearing health care field, and allows for easier removal from the bony portion of the ear canal, with much less red ear. This vinyl silicone is non sticky, easy to use, and cures dry without oils leaking out, which allows for easy marking of the impression as well as easier use by the earmold lab or hearing aid manufacturer. Available in economy kits and premeasured mini-packs, Dur-A-Sil Equal offers good stretchability, no shrinkage, and good memory. (800) 523-4081.

Magnatone offers several styles of impression materials and syringes for hearing care professionals. Two types of silicone impression materials are available, designed especially for CIC impressions: CopyCast™, designed for use with cartridge impression guns, and SunCast™, designed for use with silicone syringes. CopyCast flows freely with minimum pressure and cures quickly in the ear, leaving no oil or residue. SunCast comes with two dosing spoons for use with a syringe. It leaves no messy residue and does not shrink or irritate the skin. The company also offers powder and liquid impression materials, Oto-blocks, and alcohol wipes. (800) 327-5159; www.magnatone.com.

Mid-States offers a wide variety of impression materials, featuring the Yellow Stuff II silicone injection material. This product does not sag or droop. In addition, the company offers the original, less oily Yellow Stuff, and the one-to-one Accuform tub material, made of a higher viscosity material for non gun dispensers. The green and white materials provide a denser, firmer impression for extra distention of the canal. These materials are also available in the heavy duty injection style, an addition that requires a heavier duty gun. (800) 247-3669; www.mid-stateslabs.com.

Audiologist’s Choice® impression material has been designed for the clinician as well as the laboratory technician. For the clinician, it has good flow characteristics and is easy to work with. It features a firmer formula, which is preferred for patients with softer tissue, and is also quite durable. It cures in 5-7 minutes, and is known for its wax adhesion and grindability. (800) 347-1960.

Qualitone offers Precise™, a silicone-based, dual-material impression system designed for the hearing professional. The silicone base and catalyst are different colors: the base is white and the catalyst is blue. This allows the professional to determine when they are properly mixed. Precise is stable, lightweight and does not shrink. It reportedly maintains the exact dimensions and detail of the ear canal making it suitable for regular as well as deep canal fittings. Precise is available in bulk or in single-use containers. (800) 328-3897.

Siemens offers the Silhouette Plus impression system, which streamlines the impression-making process. It features an easy-to-use dispensing gun that requires less pressure to squeeze the handle, and is made of polyvinylsiloxane material with dual characteristics—viscosity and thixotropy. Viscosity makes the process smoother, while thixotropy prevents the material from slumping away from the ear. Also available is Silhouette, which features the same formula in standard gun and cartridges, as well as the Silhouette tubs and SqueezEase. Tubs come in small containers while the SqueezEase comes in small individual packs. (800) 766-4500; www.siemens-hearing.com.

Starkey Laboratories has developed Precise™, a silicone-based impression material created especially for deep canal fittings. Precise was designed for maximum ease of use with as little waste as possible. The vulcanized material is stable, light, and does not shrink, maintaining the exact dimensions and detail of the patient’s ear canal. The Precise impression package comes in an easy-to-use container with mixing tools. The silicone and accelerant material are different colors (white and blue), so it is easy to gauge if the material is mixed sufficiently. (800) 328-8602; www.starkey.com.

Westone Laboratories offers a full line of impression materials and supplies, from syringes and ear dams to the materials themselves. The company features the SiliClone Firm, which has all the advantages of a cartridge material, but viscosity comparable to the manually mixed pink Silicast. Also, the ImpressEar is a lightweight system that will accept any impression material and will run all day off a rechargeable battery. The company also offers silicone singles and silicast materials, as well as the PROS vented oto dam system. (800)525-5071; www.westonelabs.com.