September 14, 2007

LIVONIA, Mich—In less than two weeks, the International Hearing Society’s (I.H.S.) 56th Annual Convention will be held in Reno on September 26-30.

 With the theme, A SOUND BET, this year’s convention is a celebration of new beginnings, reports the society.  It’s an international summit of hearing care professionals from around the world designed to exchange fresh ideas, share success stories, overcome challenges, explore new possibilities, and reaffirm the mission of improved quality of life for the hearing impaired.

 The IHS 56th Annual Convention and Expo offers creative concepts, innovative programming, practice-building opportunities and plain fun.  Attendees will have an opportunity to visit with old friends and make important new business connections; have a first-hand look at the industry’s most progressive products and services; broaden their knowledge base for advanced expertise; and join forces with colleagues to promote the ideals of the Society and the profession at large.

 This year’s schedule includes (subject to change; please consult final program for updates):

    ▪     1-6:00 PM: Registration
    ▪     2-6:00 PM: Optional Pre-convention Seminar: Fitting Protocols To Fit Your Practice (preregistration required)
    ▪     7-10 PM: Welcome Reception

    ▪     7:15 AM-6 PM: Registration and Silent Auction Open
    ▪     7:15-8 AM: Continental Breakfast
    ▪     7:30 AM-Noon: Chapter Leadership Conference
    ▪     8-10 AM: Concurrent Seminars:

#1 – Infection Control in the Hearing Aid Clinic
 #2 – Acoustic Reflexes in the Fitting of Hearing Aids
 #3 – Maximizing Speech Audibility with Slim Tube  Fittings
    ▪     10:15-12:15 PM: Concurrent Seminars:

#4 – 7 Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners
 #5 – Advanced Hearing Instrument Features
    ▪     12:30-2:30 PM: Annual Membership Meeting & Luncheon
    ▪     2:45-4:45 PM:Concurrent Seminars:

#6 – The Skinny on Open Fittings
 #7 – Diabetes and Hearing Loss
 #8 – Cutting Returns: A New Source of Revenue
    ▪     3:30-5:30 PM: Licensing Board Conference
    ▪     7-10:00 PM: NBC-HIS Party

    ▪     7:30 AM-6 PM: Registration
    ▪     8-9:45 AM: Technology Breakfast Seminar:  Clinical Grand Rounds
    ▪     10 AM-Noon: Concurrent Seminars:

#9 – The Path to Better Hearing
 #10 – Baby Boomers and Hearing Health
 #11 – Implants and Synergistic Effect of Contralateral Amplification
    ▪     Noon-1 PM: Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
    ▪     Noon- 6 PM: Exhibits & Silent Auction Open
    ▪     5-6 PM: President’s Reception in the Exhibit Hall

    ▪     8 AM-Noon: Registration
    ▪     8-9 AM: Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall
    ▪     8 AM-Noon: Exhibits & Silent Auction Open
    ▪     12:15-2:15 PM: Awards Luncheon
    ▪     2:30-4:30 PM: Concurrent Seminars:

#8 – Cutting Returns: A New Source of Revenue (repeat)
 #10 – Baby Boomers and Hearing Health (repeated)
 #12 – Evidence-Based Fitting Principles
    ▪     6:30 PM-Midnight: Grand Finale Festivities

Source: International Hearing Society