Audiologists from America Hears Inc, Bristol, Pa, now make online house calls to hearing aid customers who install the latest version of the company’s Virtual Office hearing aid programming software on their personal computers at home, according to a statement released by the company.

The company has introduced a new version of its Virtual Office software with remote-control capabilities enabling America Hears professionals to provide technical support and training over the Internet on customers’ personal computers at home, the company says.

The Virtual Office software enables users to program their own digital hearing aids, the company says. The software features a user-friendly user interface, and it is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems. It comes with the company’s programmer unit and cables, which connect users’ hearing aids to their personal computers. Once connected, the hearing instruments can be programmed by the owner or online by America Hears’ audiologists and hearing instrument specialists.

All of the company’s hearing instruments are available online. Customers are required to furnish a recent hearing test, and their hearing aids are programmed at the factory, with further adjustments at home made possible by the Virtual Office software and programming kit, says the company.

[Source: America Hears]