Wearing hearing aids correctly matters

Even a small deviation from the optimal way to wear hearing aids can result in lower gain when measured at the eardrum as well as a higher risk of acoustic feedback. This reduces perceived benefit, clarity and overall satisfaction.

Poor fits in real life can be subtle and challenging to spot without a reference point. With a poor fit, users can experience a decrease in gain greater than 6 dB – much higher than the accepted deviation by the British Society of Audiology.

Wearing hearing aids incorrectly can also result in an average of 11 dB reduction in maximum stable gain, while for higher frequencies the differences can be as high as 20 dB. This increases the chance for annoying feedback.

ReSound has created Check My Fit to overcome this. This simple yet powerful feature in the ReSound apps average computer vision algorithms to enable an easy, responsive and intelligent user experience and helps 70% of patients to wear their hearing aids correctly.

Provide your patients all day comfort without sacrificing performance

Resound makes it simple to provide your patients with the best wearing experience daily. Wearing hearing aids correctly matters. Incorrect wear can reduce the overall benefit of hearing aids, cause feedback and affect the sound quality.

Your patients can learn how to wear their hearing aids correctly and securely by taking a quick photo. The Check My Fit feature in the smartphone app from ReSound helps users learn to wear their hearing aids properly and get the most out of their hearing aids each day. Check it out: 

When should Check My Fit be introduced?

After the initial fitting, we recommend that you either introduce Check My Fit when showing your patient how to put on the hearing aids and use our app, or during the follow-up visit if this feels more natural. Training in wearing hearing aids together with the set-up and introduction of Check My Fit takes about 10 minutes.

Here is a guide to help you and your patients get started with Check My Fit

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If you’d like additional research adn support, this process is backed by a white paper from Qi Yang, PhD; Michalis Papakostas, PhD; Jack Scott III, PhD; Greg Olsen, MS HCI; Kirill Kondrashov, PhD.  You can review that by entering your credentials below. 

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