Salt Lake City—Sonic Innovations has expanded its hearing instrument offerings to include Varicom, a new line of wireless connectivity hearing aids.

The Varicom5 and Varicom9 products include three behind-the-ear (BTE) devices, a compact power BTE, a microBTE, and a nanoBTE, as well as an in-the-canal-device (ITCD).

“This is an exciting new product family for Sonic Innovations, and we are pleased to add our new line of wireless solutions to our excellent products,” said Sonic Innovations president and COO Joe Lugara.

The Varicom line will be able to connect to external audio sources, such as televisions, mobile and landline phones, MP3 players, and PCs. It also includes speech variable processing that amplifies the nuances of speech, making sound clear and natural in a variety of listening situations.

In addition, the Varicom5 and Varicom9 technology levels include basic binaural device communication that allows the hearing instrument in one ear to coordinate with the instrument in the other. Volume and program adjustments are made in parallel. Varicom9 also adds feedback detection, non-telephone ear control, and other speech processing systems.

Varicom’s key features include feedback cancellation, directional technologies, digital noise reduction, Bluetooth compatibility via the SoundGate streamer, automatic and manual programs, telephone listening options, and open fitting options.

SOURCE: Sonic Innovations