Somerset, NJ — Oticon has released Acto, a new mid-priced hearing instrument for offer people with mild to severe hearing loss an array of features previously available only in premium hearing instruments.

Powered by Oticon’s most advanced RISE 2 processing platform, Acto is designed with binaural synchronization for stability and balance in dynamic sound environments. Wireless connectivity aligns directionality and noise reduction in both ears for reportedly consistent, clear sound reception and seamless access to commony entertainment and communication devices.

The new hearing instrument’s RITE speaker system features three power levels that provide built-in flexibility various cosmetic preferences, including a stylish miniRITE design, which fits comfortably behind the ear and fits up to 110dB HL with the flexible RITE speaker system.

In addition, Acto integrates a variety of advanced sound technologies and features to optimize comfort, clarity and understanding. They include multi-band adaptive directionality, tristate noise management, Binaural DecisionMaker 2  and an 8kHz bandwidth.

With Acto’s embedded wireless connectivity capabilities, users can switch seamlessly between entertainment and communication devices using the Streamer remote control device. With the Streamer, Acto can be used as a hands-free headset for cell phones and MP3 players with excellent clarity and audibility. The addition of the ConnectLine system enables users to channel sound directly from the TV, landline telephone or music player with just the touch of a button.

To optimize successful client outcomes, Acto offers in-situ auditometry for flexible threshold verification and fitting, configurable controls in Genie and individual sound source characteristics adjustments. Oticon also includes eCAPS counseling software tool for hearing care professionals.

SOURCE: Oticon