Beltone announced that its Beltone Serene hearing aid technology will be available in a full range of styles to meet the diverse needs of individuals with hearing loss. 

Beltone Serene hearing aids are the company’s smallest devices and are recommended for hearing in noisy situations.1 They include features users need to hear their best in any situation, while embracing the next generation of Bluetooth connectivity, according to the company.

With the integration of Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio, Beltone Serene offers hearing aid connection with Auracast broadcast devices, a new development in assistive listening technology. Through a collaboration with Microsoft, Beltone is also aiming for Beltone Serene to be natively compatible with new Windows PCs that support Bluetooth LE Audio.

“We are thrilled to be pioneers in offering Auracast technology with our Beltone Serene hearing aids as it will significantly improve accessibility in public spaces for individuals with hearing loss,” says David Molella, president of Beltone North America. “The expanded product line also offers individuals a wider range of options to best suit their needs and preferences, complementing Beltone Serene’s cutting-edge next generation of hearing and connectivity.” 

The Beltone Serene extended family of hearing aids will be available at Beltone locations nationwide starting Feb. 22, 2024. 

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Highlights of the Beltone Serene include: 

  • Expanded Style Options:
    • The Beltone Serene family now offers Behind-the-Ear (BTE), Custom Rechargeable, and Completely-in-Canal (CIC), in addition to the previously launched Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) and microRIE models with rechargeable options (not including CIC).
  • Advanced Connectivity 
    • With Auracast-ready Beltone Serene hearing aids, users can tune into their desired Auracast broadcast audio using their compatible smartphone, allowing for connectivity in public settings such as airports, movie theaters, places of worship, and more. 
    • Beltone Serene is compatible with new Microsoft Windows PCs that support Bluetooth LE Audio so users can stream sound, including Teams calls, from compatible Windows devices directly to their hearing aids.  
  • At-Home Entertainment 
    • Individuals can enjoy Auracast in their own homes through the connectivity of Beltone Serene to the new Beltone TV-Streamer+, which also allows others to connect with Auracast enabled devices. This feature offers a 56% improvement in speech recognition compared to standard TV speakers, significantly enhancing the at-home viewing experience. 2   

Plus, all Beltone Serene styles are discreetly designed for all-day comfort, weatherproof, sweatproof, and available in a diverse range of color options to match individuals’ unique styles, the company says. 

Featured image: Beltone Serene hearing aids. Photo: Beltone


  1. 89% End-user NPS rating, GN Proprietary data on file 
  2. Jespersen et al (2024)