International Hearing Society (IHS) and Beltone have strategically come together to offer an exclusive IHS membership program for Beltone professionals in the U.S. starting Jan. 1, 2024.

Qualified Beltone owners and their licensed staff can access and utilize the benefits of IHS membership through this program, providing them with additional tools and resources for success by and from the primary organization that serves hearing aid professionals, according to IHS.

IHS is a membership association that has represented hearing aid professionals internationally for 72 years. IHS’ mission is to protect, represent, and promote the interests of hearing healthcare and hearing healthcare professionals, according to the organization. This new collaborative agreement coincides with new engagement efforts by the Society to help more hearing healthcare professionals help more people access quality healthcare services. 

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“IHS and Beltone share the common goal of sustaining, growing, and advocating for hearing aid professionals in their pursuit of helping more people achieve better hearing,” says IHS Executive Director Alissa Parady. “This collaboration between our two entities marks an exciting moment for current and future hearing aid professionals, and, most importantly, consumers, as our combined efforts are growing the profession and thereby increasing accessibility to hearing healthcare. We are pleased to work with Beltone as we bring more people into the dynamic hearing aid specialist field and support the advancement of current practitioners.”

Beltone offers a wide range of advanced hearing aids, accompanied by new technology and personalized services to cater to the unique needs of each customer, the company says.

“Through a longstanding partnership, Beltone and IHS have fostered a strong bond,” says President of Beltone North America David Molella. “This new collaboration perfectly complements our Beltone professionals’ unwavering commitment to enhancing people’s hearing experiences. By becoming members of IHS, Beltone hearing healthcare providers can further elevate their competitive advantage in delivering top-notch care, while aligning with the esteemed standards upheld by their international association.”