ReSound has introduced the first hearing aid app designed specifically for Apple Watch, according to an announcement from the company. Available immediately to Apple Watch wearers, the ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch offers a new experience that allows users to take advantage of seamless, on-the-go control, right from their wrist. The company says its ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch marks the latest of its efforts to bring forward-looking solutions and greater levels of empowerment to people seeking to take control over their hearing loss.

Through theReSound Smart app for Apple Watch, users can set preferred volume levels, adjust treble and bass settings, change audio profiles as they move through different sound environments, and view at-a-glance details about their hearing aids, including the sound profile in use. Users with ReSound LiNX2 can also experience smart hearing customization with easy access to sound enhancer controls for comfort in noisy or windy environments.

“As technology advances, we will continue to push the limits and revolutionize what is possible in terms of hearing aid control,” said GN ReSound CEO Anders Hedegaard. “ReSound is excited to offer people simple, on-the-go Smart Hearing personalization through the ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch. We are always striving to bring our users the most innovative solutions; the ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch is an extension of that philosophy. It is control as it should be, combined with the most advanced, natural hearing experience provided by ReSound’s portfolio of Smart Hearing aids.”

The ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch is intended to bring more connectivity options to smart hearing aids. Apple Watch users can get access to the ReSound Smart app for Apple Watch on release day by visiting the App Store and downloading the latest version of the ReSound Smart app.

Apple Watch compatibility follows the debut of ReSound LiNX2, the latest device to leverage ReSound’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless platform and build on technologies in all areas of Smart Hearing (audiology, connectivity, design, and apps) to offer wearers an advanced, natural hearing experience. ReSound’s full portfolio of Smart Hearing aids is available through a global network of hearing care professionals.

Source: GN ReSound