America Hears, Bristol, Pa, and Dynamic Hearing, Richmond, Australia, a developer of software for the hearing aid and personal communications industries, introduces the Freedom AD, a hearing aid that will use the ultra-low-delay ADRO® (adaptive dynamic range optimization) technology.

This new technology is based on scientific and engineering developments conducted by Dynamic Hearing with assistance from the Biosciences Innovation Fund and AusIndustry. America Hears has contributed additional research and enhancements to create this superior hearing aid product exclusively for its customers.

The ADRO technology has been brought to market quickly and effectively by America Hears in open-ear BTE and ITE packages using the Gennum Voyageur DSP chip. These hearing aids combine very high levels of physical comfort and sound quality with scientifically proven hearing benefits. The advanced digital signal processing in the hearing aids also includes a feedback canceller developed at the House Ear Institute, Los Angeles, and a patented adaptive directional microphone that allows near-normal listening in background noise.

“We’re very excited to be able to bring the ADRO technology to hearing aid customers of America Hears in our new Freedom AD product,” says America Hears President Henry Smith. “We have been working diligently for months with Dynamic Hearing to develop an exceptional digital aid that utilizes ADRO to provide an improved quality of hearing that was not previously attainable.”

ADRO is based on psycho-acoustic research conducted at the University of Melbourne that is now being used in hearing aids, cochlear implants, headsets, and telephone amplifiers. Peter Blamey, inventor of ADRO, says the hearing aid processing is fully automatic, adapting in quiet, background noise and music and for any hearing profile.

[SOURCE: 24-7 PressRelease, August 4, 2006]