HANSATON USA, Minneapolis, has introduced its newest in-the-ear (ITE) hearing instrument. The company says the ITE offers excellent sound quality and the comfort of HANSATON’s new XearA technology. It also provides substantially improved communication for users, including enhanced speech intelligibility, superior environment adaptability, and the elimination of disruptive noise.

Hansaton USA has also built a new, state-of-the-art custom shell lab for its advanced digital shell printing process that produces extremely well-fitting shells. Thinner walls allow for different venting variations, leading to an large improvements in occlusion.  Hansaton.2.AQ.Concha.and.Canal.2013.by.Brian.Bradshaw

“The latest ITE custom instrument represents a major step forward for hearing instruments in terms of both form and function,” says Hansaton USA President Robert Eastman.  “It is almost invisible and extremely comfortable, with the best of 21st century technology inside.”

According to Hansaton, the XearA ITE combines several advancements in technology, including:

  • Conversation Lift improves speech intelligibility in noisy environments by complementing the adaptive directional microphone system with a sophisticated noise suppression algorithm for unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio improvement.
  • The Sound Restore frequency compression algorithm enhances speech intelligibility by remapping high-frequency acoustic information into an audible range for severe-to-profound high-frequency losses.
  • The Situation Optimizer is responsible for an all-around satisfactory hearing experience in every situation. Combining accurate input categorization with fast, reliable adaptive changes, it makes the Universal program more universal than ever, eliminating the need to change programs or volume.
  • XearA technology offers new users the benefit of slowly adjusting to amplification with the Acclimatization Manager, which gradually weans them toward hearing instrument settings that address their needs optimally.
  • Feedback X eliminates feedback without artifacts.
  • 40 channels of digital processing, driven by a new compression architecture with 2 CTs and 2 CKs, ensure excellent flexibility to meet all patients’ needs.
  • Bi-Com Wireless offers Bluetooth connectivity to multiple sound sources: mobile phone, TV, radio, etc.

“The device has remarkable signal processing capability, which restores a level of speech clarity that many people feel they’ve lost forever,” says Jerry Yanz, director of audiology for Hansaton USA. “Whether you’re having a quiet conversation, driving, or visiting in a noisy restaurant, the custom ITE or AQ rechargeable with XearA technology provides a hassle-free, pleasurable hearing experience.”

The custom ITE is available in the full shell, canal, CIC, and CIC power models. The AQ rechargeables are available in full shell and canal.

Source: Hansaton USA