Fort Worth, TX-based EOSERA™ Inc.—a biotech company that develops products to address underserved medical needs—is excited to announce that the biotech innovator is launching their earwax removal product, Earwax MD™ with Amazon Exclusives. The product comes in two sizes, a kit that includes a 15mL bottle and rinsing bulb, and a single 15mL bottle only.

Amazon Exclusives reportedly features products only sold on and the brand’s website, and will be the first to carry Earwax MD. Amazon Exclusives features new and innovative items including products reportedly featured on the show “Shark Tank.”


Earwax MD is available on with free shipping for Prime customers.

Eosera decided that was the perfect place to sell their first product, Earwax MD. After decades of unsuccessful attempts by other manufacturers, Earwax MD is reportedly the healthcare industry’s first earwax impaction solution to safely and effectively dissolve wax blockage in a single application.

“When I met with Amazon, we decided it would be wonderful to launch with them because they reach all consumers,” said Elyse Dickerson, founder & CEO of Eosera, Inc. “Our earwax solution will help people worldwide and Amazon is the first step. By bringing this novel innovation to market, our goal is to improve the lives of both doctors and patients by saving people time and money.”

Patients can now proactively clean their ears at home, which means fewer visits to the doctor for earwax remove, according to the company. Dickerson advises patients to visit the Earwax MD here for explanatory videos on how to use Earwax MD.


“Instead of having to dig out earwax, audiologists and hearing aid centers can now fit patients for hearing aids in one visit,” she said. 

A Clinically Proven Impaction Solution

In a clinical evaluation of Earwax MD, a total of 30 ears with moderate to severe earwax impaction were tested. A single application of Earwax MD (consisting of up to two doses) not only fully cleared the impaction in 86% of test subjects but also reduced symptoms by a remarkable 82%, according to the company. 

Common symptoms of earwax impaction include a feeling of fullness, itching, ringing of the ears, and hearing loss.

In a separate study, researchers compared Earwax MD to Murine Ear* and  Debrox*. The researchers collected samples of human earwax, placed them in test tubes with each solution, and measured the solutions’ effectiveness at dissolving the wax. Using a scale of 0 (no disintegration) to 4 (complete disintegration), wax samples were evaluated and scored at 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes. At the end of 30 minutes, Earwax MD showed significant disintegration of the wax samples (scored 3.24), while Murine Ear and Debrox barely showed any change in the wax samples (scored 0.12).

Clinical data reveals that Earwax MD is a game changer for the treatment of earwax impaction, said Eosera.

Safe for Human Skin

Eosera also worked with a dermatologist to ensure Earwax MD was safe on skin. Fifty (50) subjects were exposed to Earwax MD in a series of tests designed to evaluate product safety, according to the company. Skin tests showed absolutely no evidence of irritation. 

Doctors and patients should feel confident in the safety of Earwax MD, said Eosera. 

Source: Earwax MD

Image: Earwax MD