This section of The Hearing Review is intended to provide readers with an update on the latest available impression materials technology and products offered by manufacturers. The information presented here was provided by the participating companies upon request by HR.

product All-American Mold Labs
All American Mold Laboratories Inc, Oklahoma City, Okla, offers a variety of impression materials, including the company’s newest product: the first “intelligent” impression material made by DETAX. This product has a setting time of just 3 minutes. In addition, body temperature (in the ear) accelerates the curing process, a factor that provides the clinician with sufficient working time. This intelligent impression material also includes exceptional detail reproduction for outstanding results, according to the company, as well as Ideal final end hardness: 30 shore A, long dimensional stability. This impression material also features a pleasant odor. For more information on this product and the company, call (800) 654-3245;

product Egger
Egger, Duluth, Ga, offers an extensive selection of impression materials and accessories. Addition and condensation-vulcanizing impression materials are available in jars, cartridges, and bulk quantity. Impression materials have a very soft consistency, extremely smooth for precise and detailed impressions. The final degree of hardness ranges from 21-40 shore A. For more information, please call (800) 327-0573 or visit the company’s Web site at

product Hal-Hen
Hal-Hen provides a comprehensive offering of impression materials and accessories, including: Perform H/H two-part silicone; Accuflex II Impression gun system; single packs; liquid and powder systems; impression syringes; measuring syringes; mixing vessels/spatula; ear/head protectors for casting; and cotton or foam otoblocks in sizes from children to adult, and a complete selection of earlights. (800) 242-5436;

product Hocks Corp
Hocks Corp, Portland, Ore, maintains a complete line of impression materials and supplies. Hocks supplies everything you need to take the “perfect impression.” The company carries most types of impression material, and recently introduced Mega-sil Solos to complete its material line, including: silicone cartridges, 2-lb. silicone kit, XL 100 and 200 and Pro-Form (Audalin Methacrylate). In addition, the company carries three forms of canal blocks: slim foam; cotton; and the new Hocks Blocks memory foam dams. And with the company’s otoscopes and earlights, syringes, and Sani-cloth, impression needs can all be found in one place. (800)-OK-HOCKS;

product Insta-Mold
DUR-A-SIL EQUAL is reportedly the highest performing silicone impression material on the market today. Manufactured by the chemists of Insta-Mold Products, DUR-A-SIL EQUAL was formulated specifically for the impression taking needs of today’s hearing health professional. Available in money-saving economy kits and pre-measured Mini-Paks, DUR-A-SIL EQUAL cures to the most durable and softest rubber (lower Shore ‘A’) on the market, with a lower viscosity resulting in less distortion of the ear canal, less discomfort or “red ear” during the impression-taking technique. Call Insta-Mold Products at (800) 523-4081.

product Magnatone
Magnatone offers several styles of impression materials and syringes for hearing care professionals. Two types of silicone impression materials are available, designed especially for CIC impressions: CopyCast™, designed for use with cartridge impression guns, and SunCast™, designed for use with silicone syringes. CopyCast flows freely with minimum pressure and cures quickly in the ear, leaving no oil or residue. SunCast comes with two dosing spoons for use with a syringe. It leaves no messy residue and does not shrink or irritate the skin. The company also offers powder and liquid impression materials, Oto-blocks, and alcohol wipes. (800) 327-5159;

product Microsonic
MEGA-SIL™ is Microsonic’s premium two-part, all-purpose vinyl polysiloxane impression material. The accurate, dimensionally stable MEGA-SIL™ comes in bulk kits to make 40, 55, or 110 impressions, and in individual SOLOS—prepackaged single units with exactly the right proportions. SILASOFT is the company’s popular imported vinyl polysiloxane impression material. Packed in 40-unit bulk kits or individual SOLOS, SILASOFT is often the choice for deep-canal impressions. The Microsonic Universal Syringe is the perfect syringe for any material, according to the company. Its vented double O-ring construction allows smooth operation and exact impressioning. This syringe is self-cleaning after setup, and is available in standard or CIC tip sizes. (800) 523-7672;

product Mid-States Laboratories
Mid-States Laboratories is the home of Yellow Stuff. Yellow Stuff has long held a position of respect within its customer base. This easy to use, non-drooping material comes in three consistenciess. Also available is the company’s two-part silicone in a tub, Accu-Form. This material can be used for all fittings, but is especially beneficial if you are attempting to create a tighter fitting product. In addition, standard powder liquid is also available. (800) 247-3669;

product Oticon
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, offers a syringable A-silicone impression material, A-Zoft, with a shore value of 22 after 15 minutes, and 30 after 25 hours. Compared to C-silicones, A-silicone allows more time for preparation (3 minutes vs 1 minute), while the total curing time is shorter (4.5 minutes vs 7 minutes). Total shrinkage of A-silicone is .15% vs .40% for C-silicone and 4.0% for acrylics. A-Zoft comes in a box with 40 sets for 40 impressions, or 2X800 gram jars for 160 impressions. (800) 526-3921;

product Precision Laboratories
Precision Laboratories, Altamonte Springs, Fla, is reportedly one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom earmolds for hearing aids, hearing protection, monitors, and communication. Some of the company’s products include: JB-1000 Plus™, Catamaran™ swim plugs, Challenger™ earphones, and ER-15 Musician’s Earplugs. These products feature bright neon colors, and can be used for swimming, racing, performing, and broadcasting. The VS 100™ silicone impression material and Blue Ultra injection ear impression system highlight over 450 hearing health care supplies and accessories. Cartridge silicone materials have a shore value of 35 while bulk silicone materials range in shore values from 30 to 40, accommodating the needs of all clients. Powder and liquid are also available, as well as mixing tools, syringes, otoblocks, cartridge gun, mixing tips, and nearly 500 additional supply items. The company also offers all-make repair/recase services. (800) 327-4792;

product Qualitone
Qualitone offers Precise™, a silicone-based, dual-material impression system. The silicone base and catalyst are different colors: the base is white and the catalyst is blue. This allows the professional to determine when they are properly mixed. Precise is stable, lightweight, and does not shrink. It maintains the exact dimensions and detail of the ear canal, making it suitable for regular and deep canal fittings. It is available in bulk or single-use containers. (800) 328-3897;

product Siemens
Siemens Hearing Instruments presents the Silhouette™ Plus Impression System. The Silhouette Plus streamlines the entire impression-making process from start to finish. It features an easy-to-use dispensing gun that requires less pressure to squeeze the handle and superior polyvinylsiloxane material with dual characteristics—viscosity and thixotropy. Viscosity makes the process smooth and easy, while thixotropy prevents the material from slumping away from the ear. Also available is Silhouette, with the same formula in standard gun and cartridges, and the Silhouette Tubs and SqueezEase. Tubs come in small containers, while the SqueezEase comes in small individual packs. Silhouette is the recommended impression material to use for LasR™-made hearing instruments. (800) 766-4500;

product Starkey
Starkey Laboratories has developed Precise™, a silicone-based impression material created especially for deep canal fittings. Precise was designed for maximum ease of use with as little waste as possible. The vulcanized material is stable, light, and does not shrink, maintaining the exact dimensions and detail of the patient’s ear canal. The Precise impression package comes in an easy-to-use container with mixing tools. The silicone and accelerant material are different colors (white and blue), so it is easy to gauge if the material is mixed sufficiently. (800) 328-8602;

product Westone
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers a comprehensive assortment of impression materials and supplies for any office. According to the company, impression-taking requires no more mixing or loading—just change the tip, point, and impress. Westone’s SiliClone brand has reportedly become one of the most popular injectable impression materials, and is available in both the 48ml and S-50 formats. The SiliClone Firm offers the ease and convenience of a cartridge material but with viscosity comparable to the manually mixed Pink Silicast. In addition, the ImpressEar is a lightweight, powerful system that will accept any material and run all day off a rechargeable battery. (800) 525-5071;