The Phonak Aude?o V family.

Phonak has launched a new processing platform that reportedly features twice the processing power of its previous instruments while using up to 30% less power consumption. The new aid is designed to provide a new level of performance in different listening environments with a seamless listening experience via easy operation, and offers convenient phone use. The new Venture platform notably features the Phonak Audéo V RIC line, along with three other new styles, all offered in four performance levels.

“Clear speech understanding in daily life situations:  This is what people with hearing loss expect from a hearing solution,” says Phonak’s new Group Vice-president Martin Grieder. “As simple as it may be in quiet surroundings, as challenging it still is on the move or in noisy locations. This is where we have put the focus in developing our new platform and our latest generation of hearing aids. Whether in the car, on the phone, or in a restaurant, new Audéo V RIC hearing aids offer precise performance all while seamlessly adapting from one soundscape to another.”

Seamless listening experience. According ot Phonak, the Audéo V runs on AutoSense OS, the “central brain” of the new Phonak hearing aids. It captures and analyzes incoming sound and can draw on more than 200 settings to match the sound environment exactly and to seamlessly provide the best setting for that environment—all without requiring any manual interaction.


Phonak Audéo V RIC.

For example, when driving in a noisy car, Audéo V reduces broadband noise to create a stable listening environment (Speech in Car program). When listening to music at home or at a concert, Audéo V provides an extended dynamic range, slow compression speed, and increased gain for a richer music experience (Music program). When chatting with friends in a crowded restaurant, the new device zooms in on a single voice, improving speech intelligibility (Speech in Loud Noise program).

The Phonak Audéo V RIC hearing aid family is available in four newly designed styles, all wireless, at four performance levels. All Phonak Audéo V RICs come with the Binaural VoiceStream TechnologyTM  and a push-button. The redesigned housings are reinforced with high-tech composite materials for extra durability.

Great performance, maximum convenience. The enhanced Wireless Communication Portfolio keeps Phonak Audéo V hearing aid users connected on the phone, watching TV, or in a noisy environment. This range of accessories offers an additional boost in performance with minimal effort.

  •  Phonak EasyCall connects any Phonak wireless hearing aid to any Bluetooth enabled cell phone, including non-smartphones and older models. Permanently attached to the back of the phone, it streams the conversation directly to both hearing aids in unmatched sound quality.
  • Phonak ComPilot Air II, a handy clip-on streamer and remote control, allows for easy control of all Bluetooth-enabled audio devices such as cell phones, TVs, tablets and computers. Its neckloop-free design and stereo sound quality makes the streamer the perfect companion for every multimedia user who wears a Phonak hearing aid.
  • The Phonak RemoteControl App turns any smartphone into an advanced remote control for Phonak Venture hearing aids. In combination with Phonak ComPilot Air II or ComPilot II, the App enables direct selection of hearing programs, audio sources or the listening situation as well as individual left or right volume control.

The Phonak Audéo V hearing aid family is now available in the United States through hearing care professionals. For more information visit:

Source: Phonak