Stäfa, Switzerland — The new Phonak Style & Product Selection Guide is an interactive multimedia tool for hearing care professionals that is designed to support their counseling process.

The new Phonak guide is intended to cover all key aspects of hearing aid counseling, including hearing loss, audiogram, style selection, hearing needs, and a proposed solution. To help explain the process, the guide also includes a range of tailored visualizations, such as a personalized audiogram. A short animation sequence can also show patients the key hearing aid features.

Phonak says that the tool will give dispensers a concrete value proposition for their hearing aid clients. Each section —Audiogram, Hearing Aid Styles, Hearing Needs and Hearing Solutions—provides easy-to-use information and demonstrations that support the client counseling process. The guide is also meant to be flexible with the ability for dispensers to filter information for individual client needs.

A printout option is also available for all end-user relevant sections, such as the audiogram, hearing needs, hearing solutions, as well as accessories.

Available in English, German, French and Spanish with individual branding, the new Phonak style and product selection guide is available through local Phonak representatives.

SOURCE: Phonak