This section of The Hearing Review features descriptions of current and upcoming OAE, ABR, AER and cortical response diagnostic testing systems. The companies are listed in alphabetical order. Descriptions of the products were provided by the manufacturers upon request of The Hearing Review.

Bio-Logic Systems Corp.

Navigator® Pro, ABaerTM and Transient OAE are three new products available from Bio-Logic Systems Corp. Navigator® Pro System is a modular, portable system offering three standard hearing screening options and diagnostic capabilities in a single unit. The ABaerTM (automated brainstem auditory evoked response) system provides three screening methodologies in a single, expandable platform. The Transient OAE hearing screening methodology is offered on any of the three screening platforms including ABaerTM.

Bio-logic Systems Corp., Mundelein, IL.

Grason-Stadler Inc./Nicolet Biomedical
Grason-Stadler Inc. offers the GSI 70 Automated OAE Screener and its new clinical middle-ear analyzer along with a full line of products for audiology, such as Spirit 2000 and the Spirit 2000 Lite (a portable configuration). Other products offered include the Compass Meridian featuring AEP testing in an affordable Windows-based system, the Nystar in Windows which offers analysis of ENG data in a Windows environment, and the GSI 61 two-channel clinical audiometer. 

Grason-Stadler Inc./Nicolet Biomedical, Madison, WI.
(800) 356-0007

ICS Medical

CHARTR EP with PediABR is designed to provide fast assessment of hearing in babies. The instrument provides default linked protocols for infant testing, including Pediscreen, PediTone and PediBone protocols. It plots toneburst thresholds on the PediGram, a graph similar to an audiogram and features a continuous stimulation to prevent disturbances to the baby during testing. CHARTR EP with PediABR can be combined with ICS Medical’s CHARTR OAE which provides screening and diagnostic OAE capabilities.

CHARTR OAE runs under the NOAH database and can be used for both screening and diagnostic testing. It uses a Windows-based platform and offers a menu of testing options including “pass” and “refer” OAE screening, transient evoked OAE’s and distortion product OAE’s.

CHARTR EP with PediABR combined with CHARTR OAE is the only integrated system offering all the pediatric tests needed to evaluate hearing loss in infants, according to the company. This combined testing protocol can be used to follow-up infants who fail initial screening tests. 

ICS Medical, Schaumburg, IL.

Intelligent Hearing Systems

The company offers SmartOAE, an otoacoustic emissions screening and testing system, SmartScreener, an automated ABR-based infant screening system, and SmartEP, an auditory evoked potential diagnostic system. A portable USB system is the company’s new product that can be plugged into any laptop, desktop or lunchbox computer with Windows 98 and a USB port. The device can combine SmartOAE, SmartScreener and SmartEP to provide a cost efficient hearing screening and diagnostic solution, according to the company. Additional options include Intelligent Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (IVRA), ENG and VOG combinations.

Intelligent Hearing Systems, Miami, FL.

Interacoustics, USA

The EP15 ABR System is designed as a high quality 2-channel ABR system with Windows-based software program that provides clear and easy-to-read screens, multi-tasking and advanced waveform analysis. Features include soft attenuator for graduated increases in intensity, normative data setups, automatic Jewett Marks for quick identification of peaks, an integrated database, editing during testing and an integrated report generator for professional reports. The EP25 ABR system is designed to provide advanced testing features such as EcochG, ML, LL (P300, MMN) and a cochlear implant stimulator control.

Interacoustics USA, Benicia, CA.

Madsen Electronics

The Echo-Screen TEOAE Infant Hearing Screener is a new hand-held otoacoustic emissions hearing screener designed specifically for newborn babies. The instrument reportedly conducts reliable hearing screenings in just seconds per ear. It features automatic artifact suppression which assists the tester in obtaining test results even in noisy environments, and measurements are automatically evaluated using a mathematical binomial signal statistical method. Test results are displayed as “Pass” or “Refer” on the display panel. The device reportedly has a sensitivity of virtually 100% and a specificity of >95%, and includes a label printer, two probes for not interrupting testing and stores up to 120 tests in memory. 

CapellaTM Cochlear Emissions Analyzer is designed to be a comprehensive diagnostic OAE system that incorporates DPOAE, TEOAE and SOAE measurement capability in one portable PC-driven system. The system is NOAHTM, Hi-TrackTM and OZTM compatible for convenient storage and retrieval of patient tests. Capella’s Windows®-based software is designed for easy navigation and features individual user-defined tests and auto-sequences for custom-designed operation. 

Madsen Electronics, Minnetonka, MN. 

Maico Diagnostics

The ERO-SCAN is an OAE test system that includes a hand-held test device, printer, cradle and accessories with four different testing programs that include a very basic OAE screening protocol or more diagnostic parameters adjustable by the end user. The test data is transferred to a printer or to the optional ERO-SCAN database software program for professional reports. An optional remote probe turns the ERO-SCAN into an instrument that can be used for testing newborns in the nursery. A Transient OAE option will be available in early 2001.

Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, MN.

Medical Technologies

The company offers sales and services on the screening ABR, diagnostic ABR/evoked potentials, screening OAEs, and diagnostic OAEs in areas from infant hearing screening programs to intra operative monitoring. The products offered are from a variety of manufacturers. The company can help users analyze solutions to their needs, demonstrate equipment, get the right product and train them after the instrumentation has arrived, according to the company. Services are offered in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Medical Technologies, Burnsville, MN.

Otodynamics Ltd.

Otodynamics Ltd. manufactures OAE systems for newborn hearing screening, clinical use and for research. The ECHOCHECK is a hand-held OAE screener that can give a “Pass” or “Refer” result in less than 10 seconds with the results capable of being downloaded to the PC. The ECHOPORTplus is a stand-alone system with TEOAE or DPOAE testing, featuring on-board patient management, customizable pass criteria and automatic scoring. The Echoport, used with a laptop PC, is available as a TEOAE-only or TE+DP system. Other products offered by the company include desktop products and disposable tips. All the screening systems are compatible with OZ SIMS and NCHAM’s Hi-Track patient management programs.

Otodynamics Ltd., England.