Maico Diagnostics has announced the release of the newly redesigned MA 27 air conduction audiometer, which the company first introduced in 1979. The company is also releasing an enhanced version of its easyTymp product, a diagnostic tympanometer. Maico Diagnostics, which has been in the hearing health industry since 1937, recently embarked on product enhancements to update the technology and portability of many of the company’s devices.

MA 27

MA 27 from Maico Diagnostics

According to Maico, the MA 27 is known for its durability and lasting performance, and is the best-selling audiometer in the company’s product line, with record sales in excess of 32,000 units sold (US). Maico reports that the MA 27 features continuous, pulse, and warble stimulus with frequency ranges of 125 Hz to 8000 Hz. Used mostly by primary care physicians, school nurses, and head start programs, the MA 27 is said to be easy to operate, and offers fast reliable test results. The updated MA 27 features an all in one design, according to Maico, with a rigid, lightweight case that has a built-in handle and storage compartment for headphones and accessories.

More details on the redesigned MA 27 are available on the Maico Diagnostics website. Hearing health care professionals will be able to purchase the redesigned MA 27 in June 2015.

easyTymp Pro

easyTymp Pro from Maico Diagnostics

Also slated for re-release as a new product is Maico’s easyTymp Pro, a diagnostic hand-held tympanometer. The first-generation easyTymp was introduced by the company in 2011, and is said to be one of its most successful screening tympanometers. The device has been enhanced to include diagnostic testing capabilities, and will be available as the easyTymp™ Pro. Details are available on the Maico Diagnostics website.

Maico says that hearing health care professionals will be able to purchase the easyTymp Pro in June 2015. Existing easyTymp customers will reportedly be able to upgrade to the diagnostic version through their local distributor.

Source: Maico Diagnostics