Smithfield, RI —Honeywell Safety Products has introduced the QUIETPRO® QP100Ex intelligent hearing protection and communication system, which delivers communication and smart, verifiable hearing protection for workers in high-noise environments.

"In rapidly changing environments and high noise, workers must strike a balance between achieving an acceptable level of hearing protection, the ability to remain aware of their total environment, and clearly communicating with co-workers in person or by radio," said Renee S. Bessette, COHC, global brand manager, Howard Leight/Honeywell Safety Products. "The ability for workers to identify, process, and comprehend critical information while communicating clearly is essential to the safety of the entire work team."

Developed in conjunction with international energy company Statoil, and based on technology deployed to US and NATO forces, the QUIETPRO QP100Ex is designed to deliver hearing protection with verifiable personal noise exposure monitoring and fully adaptive situational awareness, as well as providing in-ear communication throughout a full range of noise environments.

The headphones include patented in-ear dosimetry with microphones inside each eartip, which measures every sound that reaches the user’s ear, supplying continuous monitoring of personal noise exposure. Audible and visual signals alert workers when they are approaching or have met their daily noise dose. This enables safety managers and workers to address the potential of noise-induced hearing loss in real time.

These features may help prevent further occupational hearing loss and improve productivity by streamlining worker deployment, matching shift hours with permissible exposures more efficiently.

In addition, a patented automatic fit check at start-up performs a quick calibration check to detect proper fit, and to validate adequate hearing protection and clear communication in each ear. Users are alerted if a minimum level of protection is not achieved and a refit is required.

QUIETPRO QP100Ex also includes patented digital Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology, which continuously monitors ambient sound and reduces the levels of noise across the spectrum of frequencies to acceptable levels in real time. The feature allows workers to hear ambient sounds at safe levels and provides increasing low-frequency attenuation for clear, intelligible communications.

SOURCE: Honeywell Safety Products