Hansaton Acoustics, a Sonova Group company, has launched its new jamHD Custom line of products as part of the company’s easeHD sound processing platform.

Hansaton first launched the soundHD receiver in the canal (RIC) products in easeHD in June 2015. Now the company reports that it has redesigned its line of custom hearing aids with tough patients and fittings in mind.

Hansaton Acoustics President Robert Eastman says that the redesigned faceplate and new easeHD technology and algorithms are big changes. The new faceplate now has nano-coated battery doors, push-button volume control, and microphone guards. The new features are designed to increase the durability of the instruments, thus reducing the need to service the instrument. The new suspended antenna is intended to provide improved wireless functionality. Because of this design change, the jamHD line of custom products are 25% smaller than the previous custom products.

JamHD has four performance levels in IIC to Full Canal models with a wide range of functions. The AutoSurround and SpeechBeam+ features are said to enable 360 degree speech recognition and infinite automatic situation detection. Hansaton reports that the result is clean sound and clear speech recognition in every situation, especially in noise.

Hansaton manufacturers small, compact IIC hearing aids, and the company’s new HD CIC’s are smaller than ever, now with wireless capabilities. Hansaton also manufactures 10A wireless directional Mini-Canal hearing instruments. “The new changes in chip technology add 50% more battery life to the 10A wireless instruments,” said Eastman.

With the new line of jamHD Custom hearing aids, Hansaton has also launched its RemoteHD app, now available for Apple and Android devices. This app walks the wearer through setting up their uDirect or uStream accessories, allowing them to discreetly access volume control and programs, and to connect to other Bluetooth devices.

Source: Hansaton Acoustics; Sonova Group