San Francisco — announced new features on its hearing care managment system for its customers.The new features, available now, include receiver and dome management.

Similar to other types of equipment in, receivers now have an admin table that allows users to set up the manufacturers, descriptions, prices and more. Users can either sell a receiver with a hearing aid or by itself.

At the bottom of the hearing aid purchase page, customers will see a list of all the different items they can associate with a hearing aid sale, including receivers. If users need to enter a receiver purchase by itself, there is now an “Add” button next to receivers on the purchase summary.

Similar to hearing aids and earmolds, receivers now have a dedicated area under inventory to manage check-in and delivery.

In addition to receiver management, has also added fields for tracking domes & tubes. These items, along with earmolds, can be added to a hearing aid purchase from a single screen with collapsible menus.