Patient Finder Program

AudioCare Inc, San Diego, presents the AudioCare Patient Finder Program. New patients are the lifeblood of a practice. Future growth and future success helping individuals who have a hearing impairment are directly related to the number of new patients who come to you for help. The AudioCare Patient Finder Program, which blends together multimedia advertising, has a 45-year track record. The components of the Patient Finder Program are: direct-response mail, newspaper ads, and point-of-purchase help.

AudioCare Inc
(800) 974-4100

Hands-Free Operation

Sonic Innovations, Salt Lake City, offers Velocity, a hearing instrument that uses environmental sound cues to automatically adjust settings to a particular listening situation without requiring the wearer to press a button. Velocity features patented digital signal processing and advanced noise reduction, patent-pending adaptive directional technology, automatic directionality, adaptive feedback cancellation, and several advanced user options, including patient-friendly voice alerts and automatic telephone listening.

Sonic Innovations
(801) 365-2800

New Vacuum Cleaner

JodiVac LLC, Portland, Ore, releases its newest vacuum model, the Jodi-Elite. The vacuum has improved performance with more power and runs more quietly than the Jodi-Consumer. Storage and portability have also been improved by having the vacuum hose, needle assembly, and new storage compartment fit into their own boxes. The Jodi-Elite will join the company’s regular line of vacuum systems to continue its commitment to preserving the sound quality of hearing aids by users and hearing aid service providers.

JodiVac LLC
(866) 856-5634

Hearing Instrument Series

Hansaton Hearing Systems, Tampa, Fla, offers at the center of its full line of hearing instrument technology two midrange hearing instruments, RELAXX Pro and RELAXX Exclusive. The RELAXX series features the latest in hearing instrument technology in a new design housing that looks as good as it sounds. The RELAXX series is available in all ITE models, while its BTE can be fitted with a conventional earmold or an open minitube. RELAXX Pro is a midrange digital hearing instrument for those with medium to moderately severe hearing loss. In addition to a new housing in a wide variety of colors, RELAXX Pro also features a multimicrophone system, situation manager, 8-channel signal processing, noise reduction, speech detection, and enhanced phase-cancellation feedback management. RELAXX Exclusive is an upper midrange hearing instrument that has all of the great features of the RELAXX Pro, plus 12-channel signal processing, wind-noise reduction, and 4D noise canceller.

Hansaton Hearing Systems
(866) 449-9757

Battery Prices Cut

Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products, Portland, Ore, has announced it has lowered its price on Energizer batteries in four- and eight-battery packages.

Hocks Hearing Healthcare Products
(800) 654-6257

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Westone Laboratories Inc, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers the new, powerful GemOro 1.2QT Ultrasonic Cleaner. With an adjustable digital control system, LED display, stainless steel tank, and a piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, it offers the power and features usually found in much larger ultrasonic cleaning tanks. The tank size is 6⅜ x 5⅛ x 2⅜ inches and features a removable, full-size basket and clamshell basket for small items. One-year manufacturer warranty.

Westone Laboratories Inc
(800) 525-5071

Natural Ear Treatment

MiraCell Inc, Orem, Utah, offers MiraCell natural ear treatment, which eases cerumen removal, makes wearing hearing aids and earmolds more comfortable, and relieves sore, dry, flaking, or itching ears, caused by detaching keratin and tympanic membrane plaque. MiraCell Inc offers an income-making opportunity that will reduce returns and remakes.

MiraCell Inc
(800) 748-5040

Digital Volume Control

Sonion, Minnetonka, Minn, introduces the DCU Scroller, a digital volume control whose continuous rotation makes it suitable for advanced HI designs. The unique features are ideal for both ITEs and BTEs. With ITEs, DCU Scroller’s linear movement makes it more discreet to operate and also eliminates the need for L/R versions. Its small size and tactile feel well suit it for use with small BTE types such as “Thin Tube” and “RIC.”

(952) 543-8300