The International Hearing Society will hold its 53rd Annual Convention and Exposition in Orlando, Fla, on August 25-29, 2004. Here is a preview of some of the companies that will be showcasing their latest products. Use this guide to plan ahead and make a visit at each booth for more information about a company’s products and services.

Action Marketing
Now in its 19th year, Action Marketing specializes in the production of direct mail advertising. The company’s extensive product line of highly effective designs have a proven track record of success with first-time patients. Action Marketing’s complete, in-house production department ensures fast and accurate turnaround at a cost that is always 30-50% lower than other direct mail providers. (800) 227-0819. 

Beltone Electronics
Stop by Beltone’s exhibit to see three new digital product lines: Edge™, Corus™, and Mira™. Edge is a unique, virtually invisible hearing device for fitting mild or high-frequency hearing loss without occlusion or feedback. The Corus product line is designed to help eliminate common fitting problems, such as feedback, occlusion, and inaudible or uncomfortable sounds. The six-channel Mira continues Beltone’s effort to provide high-quality sound and comfort. (800) 621-1275;

Bernafon Inc
Symbio XT™, a digital hearing system with ChannelFree™ signal processing is now available with OpenFit™ and Soft Noise Management™. A dual microphone is available in most Symbio XT models. Other digital solutions include Smile Plus, a mid range digital, and Flair, an entry-level, two-channel device. Stop by and learn about digital solutions from Bernafon and receive a Symbio XT ChannelFree™ T-Shirt. (888) 941-4203;

Visit the CareCredit booth to learn how you can increase hearing aid sales and reduce returns. With the cost of today’s hearing aids, patients appreciate convenient and low monthly payments. CareCredit offers a range of payment plans including 3–, 6–, and 12–month No Interest, and 24–, 36–, and 48–month Low Interest options, as well as the exclusive Pre-Approval option. (800) 839-9078;

Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties & Repair
Dispensers seeking maximum warranty protection for clients’ hearing aids choose Discovery Hearing Aid warranties for loss, damage, and component failure protection on all makes and models of hearing aids, including cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids. A unique compensation plan, equivalent to 20% of warranty sales, generates continuous extra income for dispensers. Top quality repairs are available through Discovery Hearing Aid Repair, which is recognized as a rapid-response, full-service repair lab. (800) 525-7936;

Frye Electronics Inc
Frye Electronics will display its newest, top of the line instrument, the FONIX 7000 Hearing Aid Test System. The FONIX FP35 analyzer, the popular, portable, low-cost analyzer, and the reliable FP40 analyzer will be featured, along with the new color for the FA-10 Hearing Evaluator. As always, Frye Electronics will have a drawing for a Pendelton blanket. (800) 547-8209;

GN ReSound Corp
GN ReSound redefines how hearing instruments are fit. A proprietary software-based open-platform hybrid has allowed the creation of new algorithms to meet your patients’ needs faster, and provide new opportunities for your practice. It also allows for the Canta7 Open Family of instruments, which features two instruments in one: the Traditional Canta7 algorithms, or ComforTec Technology, designed specifically for high frequency losses. ReSoundAIR has proven itself as an industry leader in non-occluding, cosmetically appealing high-frequency fittings. (800) 248-4327;

Dry & Store
Your patients have high expectations, especially with today’s high-tech hearing aids, so don’t leave hearing aid performance to chance. When you make Dry & Store an integral part of your fitting protocol, hearing aids work better, your patients are pleased, and you look good. Now available in two models—the Professional and the Global—there’s a Dry & Store to fit every lifestyle and budget. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a necessity. (800) 327-8547;

NOAHlink™ mobilizes your dispensing practice with omni-directional wireless connectivity and improved speed. NOAH System 3 allows hearing-aid fitting systems, diagnostic instruments, and office-management systems to operate together as a single, integrated system. Coming soon to your desktop or notebook, the eTONA allows 24/7 access to electronic hearing aid orders, repairs, and status updates. (800) 435-9246;

Magnatone is planning to display the company’s latest addition to its line of hearing instruments, including the digital, single-channel instrument, TruVoice ITE, and a power digital under the Claret and TruVoice brands. Magnatone is also excited to share news of plans for the future release of the company’s new flagship line, Monet BTE. (800) 327-5159;

Oticon Inc
Syncro is a new breed of hearing instrument that uses artificial intelligence to improve hearing performance in a user’s unpredictable world of sound. Syncro reinvents directionality, noise management, and compression, and employs a unique application of artificial intelligence to manage the synchronous interaction of these complex systems. The result is a continuous optimization of the user’s listening experience in difficult and unpredictable listening situations. Oticon invites attendees to get syncronized and experience the difference. (800) 526-3921;

Phonak Inc
Phonak presents a winning portfolio of digital hearing instruments. From the state-of-the-art Perseo, with PersonalLogic customized automatic operation, to Supero, reportedly the only digital super-power hearing system for severe-to-profound losses, to both Amio and MAXX, which offer digital quality hearing at an affordable price. Stop by and see the latest additions to Phonak’s digital hearing line. (800) 777-7333;

Rayovac Corp
Rayovac, manufacturer of long-lasting hearing aid batteries, is introducing an even longer-lasting ProLine battery that is reliable and consistent. Stop by the Rayovac booth and see how the new ProLine battery can help grow your business. Rayovac also offers the Cochlear Plus battery for patients who wear a cochlear device. (800) 356-7422;

Rexton Inc
Offering a full line of entry, middle, and high-end families of digital technologies including Regatta™, Targa™, and Arena™, Rexton provides clients with the most comprehensive line of value-added digital solutions. Stop by to preview Rexton’s new Targa High Power, as well as the new Arena Power, and Arena High Power BTE solutions. (800) 876-1141;

SeboTek® Hearing Systems
Fifteen minutes is all the time you need to try Sebotek’s Voice-Q™ PAC deep-canal hearing instrument at the IHS convention. Voice-Q PAC is so tiny you hardly see it, so comfortable you hardly feel it, and it fits losses up to 90 dB. Invest in the future of your practice with a 15-minute Voice-Q demonstration. (800) 388-9041;

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc
Siemens Hearing Instruments introduces its new kid g-ear™ program, which is designed to support children with hearing loss, their caregivers, and you. Also featured at the IHS convention is TRIANO™, clinically proven to help 62-year-old individuals with hearing loss enjoy conversations in noise like they’re 25 years old again. Other products to be featured include PRISMA™ 2, MUSIC® Pro, INFINITI™ Pro, and PHOENIX™, plus the mySiemens e-business Web site, and Practice Navigator™ office management software. (800) 766-4500;

Starkey Laboratories Inc
Take a closer look at the next wave of Starkey’s on-going patient-focused products and services. New Precision Directional Imaging™ technology for all Genesis products helps patients overcome noise and distance barriers. Demo the new CARE DVD and the latest features of PFS 4.1. We’ll also introduce the Starkey First Educational Outreach Program. Representatives welcome the opportunity to talk about Starkey’s variety of amplification, rehabilitation, pediatric, network, and business solutions to meet your every professional need. (800) 328-8602;

Westone Laboratories Inc
For 45 years now, Westone has been here for you. Originally, we were simply trying to fill a need in the industry by building a better earmold. But the success of Westone earmolds also allowed us to build relationships with dispensers across the country, and through those relationships, we discovered new needs. In response to your requests, we began to offer impression material and supplies, and batteries and ALDs. Westone now has extensive product and supply lines for the hearing healthcare provider. (800) 525-5071;

Widex Hearing Aid Co Inc
Widex presents the Senso Diva, which was recently featured on the ABC-TV prime-time television program “Extreme Makeover.” The Senso Diva is available in CIC, ITC, ITE, BTE, and power BTE models. Widex also presents Senso Vita, Senso Plus, Senso Super Power, and the lower-cost Bravo digital hearing instruments. Widex is proud to feature CAMISHA Laser-Fit Technology. By using a 3-D scanner, a high-powered modeling computer, and Laser-Fit technology, replication of the ear impression is extremely accurate and hearing instruments are more comfortable for patients to wear. (800) 221-0188;

List of Exhibitors & Booth Numbers
Marketing… 232
Advanced Bionics Corporation… 527
Audex… 532
Audina Hearing Instruments Inc… 120, 219
Audiocare Inc… 416, 414
Audioscan… 321
Beltone Electronics… Island F
Bernafon Inc… 325
CareCredit… 122
Cochlear Americas… 221
Discovery Hearing Aid Warranties & Repair… 319
Dry and Store… 525
Electone Inc… 426, 428
Elite Consultations… 334
Emtech Laboratories Inc… 332
Energizer Battery Company … 225
Frye Electronics Inc… 509
GN Resound Corp… 222
Hearing Components Inc… 226
The Hearing Review… 528
HELPcard/Lend-An-Ear… 231
HIMSA… 327
Interton—USA… Island E
Magnatone… 511
Marcon Hearing Instruments… 514
MedRx Inc… 408, 410
Microsonic Inc… 322
Mid-States Labs… 431
Miracle Ear… 419, 421
Oticon Inc… 508, 510
Phonak Inc… 227
Polk Directories… 126
Precision Laboratories… 220
Rayovac Corp… 515
Rexton Inc… 507
Sebotek Hearing Systems… Island C
Siemens Hearing Instruments… 516
Sonus… 228
Starkey Laboratories Inc… Islands A & D, 102-215,
    208-309, 316, 415
Tympany Inc… 513
Unitron Hearing… 320
Westone Laboratories Inc… 526
Widex Hearing Aid Co Inc… 412

Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel Atlantic B & C

Expo Date & Hours
August 25    5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
August 26    12:15 pm to 4:00 pm
August 27    8:30 am to 11:45 am