Elk Grove Village, Ill — Etymotic Research has announced the addition of Microsonic to its list of partners, expanding its CUSTOM*FIT network of authorized custom ear impression centers.

Etymotic already partners with Advanced Communications Systems Ltd (ACS Custom). By adding Microsonic to its network of audiologists, the company reports that it has more than 1,000 audiologists who are able to take custom ear canal impressions. As a result, Etymotic says that over 80% of the United States is within 25 miles of an authorized CUSTOM*FIT center.

Etymotic has also announced that it has a new Web site, complete with a network audiologist locator and interactive partner page at www.etymotic.com/customfit.

"Until recently, custom hearing protection and earphones were available only to professional musicians and at extremely high costs," said Mark Karnes, managing director of consumer products at Etymotic. "Our CUSTOM*FIT program provides an opportunity for music lovers to have a custom experience at a reasonable cost. And now we are making the experience more convenient than ever."

CUSTOM*FIT earmolds are designed specifically for Etymotic’s ear plugs and earphones for the individual’s ears.

To utilize the network, Etymotic customers must register their Etymotic product on the Etymotic Web site to receive their CUSTOM*FIT voucher and to use their zip code to locate the nearest authorized audiologist within the CUSTOM*FIT network.

The audiologist will make an impression of the ear canal using soft silicone material. The process takes less than 10 minutes. Ear impressions are sent to production and customers typically receive their personalized earmolds within 3 to 4 weeks.

SOURCE: Etymotic