AUDIOSCAN: Booth 1401

How has Audioscan become the largest manufacturer of hearing instrument fitting systems in the USA? Long-term dedication to R&D coupled with a focus on ease of use and customer service. All Audioscan systems come with a 2-year warranty, free software updates, a dedicated local distributor, and 25 years of expertise in hearing instrument fitting systems.
(800) 265-2093

Hansaton: Booth 1493

Hansaton is coming to AudiologyNOW 2012 with our world-renowned AQ rechargeable in tow! The AQ is the smartest rechargeable on the market with its inductive charging and wireless programming. Combine those benefits with Bluetooth capability, 5-year warranties on our rechargeable batteries, and an aggressive pricing model, and you will see why we are one of the fastest- growing companies in the hearing aid industry.
(800) 984-7432

Frye Electronics: Booth 1806

Finally for Audiologists! The touch panel analyzer has arrived at Frye Electronics in the form of the FP35 Touch! Audiologists now have an even easier way of making crucial decisions when fitting hearing aids. Frye Electronics also is showing new 8000 options, with the International Speech Test Signal (ISTS) test, and two new screens for viewing directional aid characteristics. Frye Electronics is a family- owned US manufacturer based in Oregon.
(800) 547-8209

Harris Communications: Booth 1000

Harris Communications is an industry leader in the ALD marketplace and a master distributor of all the major brands. Stop by booth #1000 and pick up your FREE “Guide to ALDs” and learn more about the variety of ALDs available. We have the products, knowledge, and support to help you give your clients a complete hearing solution.
(800) 582-8569 and ask for Kassy.

The Hearing Aid Sweat Band (visit us online)

The Hearing Aid Sweat Band is made from a specially designed, all natural fabric that sheds moisture while protecting the hearing aid from the damaging effects of dust and dirt. It is available in nine sizes and 17 colors for all makes and models of BTE devices. The Hearing Aid Sweat Band is the only product in the marketplace made from comfortable all natural fabric and proven to protect the wearer’s hearing aid from moisture.
(866) 644-2500

Interton Inc (visit us on the Web)

Founded in Germany in 1962, Interton is today a part of one of the world’s largest hearing aid organizations, the GN Group. We use their proven core technology in a way that falls in line with our own way of doing things. We believe that most people need a straightforward, functional, and easy-to-use hearing solution at a fair price. So that’s what we give them.
(800) 247-4741

Microsonic Inc: Booth 1755

Established in 1964, Microsonic sets extremely high standards to produce quality service, craftsmanship, products, and materials. As a result, Microsonic is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading full service earmold laboratories. Microsonic subscribes to a policy of mutual cooperation to guarantee satisfaction and to make every effort to share in the responsibility of assuring customer satisfaction in a quality fitting.
(800) 523-7672

Mid-States Laboratories: Booth 1651

Mid-States is a full line earmold laboratory. We specialize in all makes of receiver and thin tube earmolds. We have many choices of earmolds that we manufacture: custom sound protection, swim protection, musician, and communication molds are just a few examples of our many products. We also sell impression materials and supplies for your needs. Come see us at Booth 1651 and ask about our exclusive NASA-based Audtex/Apollo material that softens with body heat.
(800) 247-3669

MiraCell Inc: Booth 1773

Introduced into the national market in 2000 as a single, unique skin product, MiraCell products currently sell through over 3,378 locations, which include professional offices in the hearing industry—a rapidly expanding niche market. ProEar by MiraCell is a blend of the best all-natural ingredients formulated to soothe and relieve common ear irritations and itchiness. You will be amazed by the big difference such a little bottle can make. Stop by our booth to take advantage of our great tradeshow specials and offers.
(800) 748-5040

Oticon USA: Booth 1315

A Commitment to People First. Oticon’s innovative technology, audiology, and business support enable hearing care professionals to engage and empower first-time users and address the evolving lifestyle needs of experienced end users. The company’s new five-story office complex, expanded resources, and renewed commitment to promoting the role of hearing care professionals further strengthen Oticon’s ability to grow the marketplace for independent hearing care professionals.
(800) 526-3921

Pehratek Products (visit us on the Web)

Pehratek Products was created in 1979 as a design lab for specialty products in the areas of audiology and health care. The first product created was the REINFORCER VRA (Visual Reinforcement Apparatus) introduced in late 1980. By combining elements of design innovation and superb product performance, its popularity grew as an easy-to-use, reliable pediatric testing system used by audiologists and pediatric clinics for testing children’s hearing worldwide. Today, Pehratek Products offers a line of innovative medical/audiology products that offer sound solutions to communication and hearing assessment issues.
(866) 470-3532

WhisperRoom Inc: Booth 1397

WhisperRoom Inc manufactures test booths for audiometric applications. We offer 20 sizes of portable, modular test booths, which provide the necessary attenuation, and are a more economical choice over permanent steel structures. To ensure accurate test data, WhisperRooms have been tested and conform to ANSI standards. We will have a 4 x 4 ft on display for you to try out, and we’ll have a Show Special! Reducing sound to a Whisper since 1990!
(800) 200-8168