In this issue, the Hearing Review presents a special Literature Review, a guide to some of the new product brochures, catalogs, product specification sheets, flyers, and other informational literature currently available from various hearing industry companies. Descriptions of the products and services listed in this review were provided by companies on request of HR. To receive more information on any of the following literature, contact the listed numbers or fill out one of the enclosed Action Cards (found between pages 10 & 11 and 58 & 59).

ADCO Hearing Products, Littleton, Colo, offers marketing support for ALDs. Now available is a full color ALD catalog designed for professionals who want to offer patients every opportunity for successful communication. The catalog features pictures and descriptions of over 35 of the most requested products and accessories to meet the most common needs. Printed without pricing or company information, this 16-page catalog is ready to customize for your business needs and patients. ADCO also offers a large selection of assistive listening devices and equipment for deaf and hard-of-hearing people in the professional products catalog. (800) 726-0851.
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Washington, DC, presents its 2002 publications catalog. This newly-published 22-page booklet features books on parenting issues, children’s issues, audiological and hearing technology, educational management, language and speech development, and a variety of other topics of interest to hearing care professionals. To order a copy, call (202) 337-5220;
Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario, features a full-color brochure for the Verifit System, the company’s real-ear/hearing aid analyzer. Colorful illustrations, in addition to complete model specifications, make the brochure a comprehensive overview of this product. Among the features described: real speech and DSP measurements, data connectivity, test chambers, and multiple user interfaces. To order, (800) 265-2093;
Etymotic Research Inc
Etymotic, Elk Grove Village, Ill, offers a color brochure on its Link-it array microphone system, entitled A Hearing Aid User’s Link to Better Speech Understanding in Noise. The brochure has information on how the product operates, the benefits, features, and a series of frequently asked questions. There is also a small guide to operating the product. For more information, (847) 228-0006;
Frye Electronics
The Frye Electronics catalog is a compilation of new and updated information about the company’s FONIX line of products. The company says that, as it is constantly making improvements to products, they are also continually adding new pieces of information. The company wants its users to have information at hand about all the features and options on its analyzers and audiometers. The information in the electronic catalog is also found on the company’s Web site,
GSI AUDIOscreener™
Grason-Stadler (GSI), Madison, Wis, a division of Viasys Healthcare, offers a full-color 4-page brochure on the AUDIOscreener™, a portable, computer-indpendent, hand-held device to combine OAE and ABR tests for reliable newborn screening. The brochure includes detailed product information, as well as information on critical questions about children’s brain development. Also included is a small factoid sidebar with up-to-date statistics on children’s hearing. To order, call (800) 700-2282;
Lightning Enterprises
Lightning Enterprises presents Hearing Aid Repair Equipment, its new brochure for 2002. The catalog features descriptions and ordering information for most of the company’s products, which include UV cure equipment, vacuum pump systems, programming cable test systems, listening chamber systems, battery substitutes, and control modules. For information, (877) 546-1797;
Micro Audiometrics Corp
Micro Audiometrics Corp, Murphy, NC, offers a two-sided, full-color page/product description for the Earscan® acoustic impedance microprocessor audiometer with data output. This instrument comes in two versions: as a threshold audiometer, or as a pass/fail screening audiometer. The pamphlet gives general specifications, in addition to listing and describing additional information on such highlights as as warranty, service, reliability, and test results. To request a copy, contact the company at (800) 729-9509;
Mid States Laboratories
Mid-States Laboratories Inc, Wichita, Kan, is now offering a new color brochure describing the company’s Yellow Stuff™ and Yellow Stuff II™ impression material systems. Included in this catalog is detailed specification information and other updated information on both of these product lines, including in-depth descriptions of the type of materials used in forming the products, in addition to other important impression material facts for hearing industry professionals to know. To order a copy, call Mid-States at (800) 247-3669;
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, offers a color booklet introducing its adapto™ hearing aid. Titled The Explanation, the book covers all aspects of the adapto™, including full descriptions of the following features: VoiceFinder™; OpenEar Acoustics™; Client-Focused Fitting™; and the Genie™ interactive software. Also included are specifications, full-color illustrations and photographs of the product, and diagrams. To order, call (800) 526-3921;
Phonak Hearing Systems, Warrenville, Ill, presents a brand new 44-page, full-color catalog entitled Solutions For Better Hearing. Among the company products described inside are a sampling of its digital, programmable, wireless, ITE, BTE, and pediatric instruments. Each of the products is given standard feature descriptions and fitting recommendations, as well as possible options. In addition, there is a comprehensive reference guide and BTE color chart. To order a copy of this new catalog, call the company directly at (800) 777-7333.
Rayovac Corp, Madison, Wis, offers a new full-color brochure providing up-to-date ordering information for its complete line of Ultra Pro-Line battery club program products. Featured in detail in the brochure is information on how to order the following: a battery club booklet; battery club punch card; battery club coupon; and a customized battery club postcard. To order a copy of this brochure, call the company at (800) 356-7422;
Rexton Inc, Plymouth, Minn, is pleased to introduce a 12-page consumer brochure highlighting the company’s new Voyage™ line of digital hearing instruments. Intended as a pre-sale item for hearing care professionals to present to potential users of the product, the document clearly presents the technological highlights of the instrument, such as its adaptive noise reduction and speech preservation system. To order, call (800) 876-1141;
Rion Ltd, Apple Valley, Minn, presents a full-color brochure, A Guide to the Sound and Vibration Measuring Instruments. This new 12-page catalog offers pictures and full descriptions for the company’s 2002 sound level meters, palm-size FFT analyzers, accelerometer exciters, calibrators, sound level measuring amplifier, vibration analyzers, multi-channel systems, frequency analyzers, level recorders, and optional equipment. For more information, call (410) 290-7726, or visit
Scantek Inc, Columbia, Md, introduces a new 2-page color brochure describing the Castle GA902 noise activated warning sign. This sign can be set to switch on at a pre-determined level notifying employees of dangerous noise levels via a visible sign, and an optional flashing beacon. The brochure describes the product’s operational specifications, as well as accessories such as remote beacons, mini beacons, slave units, customized graphics, and lettering. For more information, (410) 290-7726;
Sonion Microtronic US Inc
Sonion Microtronic US Inc, Minnetonka, MN, presents its new, full-color company profile booklet. In addition to color pictures of the company’s laboratory, the booklet features a mission statement, an overview of the company, and a detailed description of the product: application-specific integrated circuits for electroacoustical components. For more information, call (952) 543-8200;
Starkey’s A Better Way To Hear brochure illustrates the nuances of digital signal processing and explains how this often-misunderstood technology can improve your patients’ lives. The brochure also includes descriptions of Starkey’s comprehensive Genesis line of digital products. For ordering information, contact your sales representative by calling (800) 328-8602.
Vivosonic Inc, Toronto, Ontario, offers a new brochure for its VivoScan OAE product. Among other things, the brochure offers descriptions of the product’s specifications, including its operating modes, signal processing, sound levels, pre-testing procedures, maximum outputs, computer and printer specs, and other features. For more information, call (877) 255-7685;
Westone Laboratories
Westone Laboratories Inc, Colorado Springs, Colo, offers a flyer highlighting its custom earpieces for wireless phones. Designed to reach consumers, the brochure features a wealth of information about Westone’s Plantronics™ models M140 or M145, with custom earpieces. Also discussed are benefits and advantages of using wireless earpieces. To order this brochure directly from the company, call (800) 582-4771, or visit
Widex offers an article reprint on its Senso Diva hearing aid, as published in Total Health for Longevity. The high definition instrument is described in detail, with descriptions of its special features and performance highlights. Included in the article are paragraphs about the Senso Diva’s sound processing, noise reduction technology, and size. To order a reprint of this article, contact Widex at (800) 221-0188.