With the wealth of information hearing care professionals have to share with their patients about the myriad products and services offered by manufacturers, The Hearing Review has complied some of the product brochures, catalogues, and other technical literature available to guide professionals and patients through the experience of finding the right products for the patient’s individual needs.

Bernafon LLC
Bernafon LLC, Somerset, NJ, presents a promotional brochure titled SwissEar™—Open Fitting Perfection. The brochure provides hearing professionals with information about SwissEar, a combination of ChannelFree™ sound quality, and real open fitting with thin tubing and an open dome. Details about instrument operation, fitting flexibility, and client benefits are included. (888) 941-4203; www.bernafon.com.

CareCredit, Anaheim, Calif, offers patient brochures that provide information on No Interest and Low Interest Payment Plans to help more patients get care. The brochures feature a sample payment chart patients can use to compare monthly payments and select the plan that works best for their budget. All CareCredit payment plans feature an easy and fast application process, no up-front cost, no annual fees, and no prepayment penalty. (800) 300-3046; www.carecredit.com.

E-A-R Auditory Systems
Indianapolis-based E-A-R Auditory Systems’ four-fold color brochure, The Inside Story about E-A-RTONE® Insert Earphones, outlines the problems and limitations of supra-aural earphones, and the respective advantages insert earphones can provide. Brief and to the point discussions about background noise reduction, interaural attenuation, and basic clinical masking guidance, hearing aid selection, elimination of the collapsed canal artifact, and the infection control advantages associated with insert earphone and disposable E-A-RLINK foam eartip use are provided. (800) 624-5955; www.e-a-r.com/auditorysystems.

Electone, Longwood, Fla, offers the counter card-sized Ten Reasons Why You Should Wear Two Hearing Instruments. The piece lists the benefits of wearing two hearing instruments, such as creating a wider hearing range, better understanding in noisy places, providing a feeling of balance, and more. The counter card is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, and is also available as a full-sized poster. (800) 432-7483; www.electoneonline.com.

Frye Electronics
Frye Electronics, Tigard, Ore, offers a reprint of the May 2005 Hearing Review article, Understanding the ANSI Standard as a Tool for Assessing Hearing Instrument Functionality. Written by Frye Electronics President George Frye, this article brings hearing care professionals up to date on the ANSI 2003 standard and compares it to its 1996 predecessor. The article is available upon request. (800) 547-8209; www.frye.com.

GN ReSound
GN ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, offers a brochure for its ReSound Metrix hearing instrument. ReSound Metrix provides natural sound quality, directionality, precise noise reduction, and a feedback suppression system using a combination of fast and effective hearing instrument technologies. (800) 248-4327; www.gnresound.com.

Harris Communications
Harris Communications, Eden Prairie, Minn, announces its 2006 product catalog. The 192-page catalog contains a wide selection of assistive products, including amplified phones from Clarity and ClearSounds, and a special phone distributed exclusively from Harris Communications—the CL600 Emergency Connect Telephone. The catalogs are free. (800) 825-6758; www.harriscomm.com.

Hearing Components
Hearing Components, Oakdale, Minn, focuses on helping people hear better through its efforts in the field of ear canal research. The company has commercialized its research efforts through the manufacturing and marketing of Comply™ Snap Tips, Comply™ Canal Tips, Comply™ Soft Wraps, Ad-Hear Cerumen Guards, Ad-HearPlus Cerumen Guards, and the new Comply™ Platinum Soft Tips. (800) 872-8986; www.hearingcomponents.com.

Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers hearing care professionals a product guide describing its Equinox PC-based audiometer. Perform advanced testing with true two-channel audiometry and a Windows-based interface to set and save individual user test protocols. Upgrading the unit is as easy as loading software onto a PC, and its slim design takes up little desktop space or allows for the unit to be mounted on a wall. Standard accessories are included. (800) 947-6334; www.interacoustics-us.com.

Lotus Technology
Lotus Technology Inc, Mooresville, NC, announces its new brochure for dispensing professinals that offers a view into the unique product lines offered by the company. Lotus, a manufacturer of custom hearing aid products, offers a full range of custom and BTE devices, along with the new ISIS mini-BTE. (877) 483-1072; www.lotustechnology.com.

Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments
Micro-Tech Hearing Instruments, Eden Prairie, Minn, presents a selection of new consumer brochures to support the Rainier XP BTE, the ELI Bluetooth™ wireless device, and the Seneca Open Ear hearing instrument. These brochures help patients understand the function and value of these hearing instruments and wireless accessories. Consumer office posters help educate and inform patients about how hearing instruments can help improve their lives. (800) 745-4327; www.hearing-aid.com.

Oticon Inc
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, offers eCAPS, an engaging and innovative multimedia presentation designed to support the counseling and rehabilitation process. eCAPS helps users provide clients with knowledge, motivation, and support. eCAPS comes with a companion brochure detailing how to get the best out of the program. (800) 526-3921; www.oticonus.com.

Phonak, Warrenville, Ill, presents a new online self-service direct mail program. www.phonakpro.com enables professionals to create their own direct mail programs entirely online. Choose a postcard from a library of options, customize it with personalized information, and, if desired, add a special offer. A direct mail list can be purchased from the site and be billed to the user’s Phonak account. (800) 777-7333; www.phonak.com

To help hearing care professionals better understand its latest breakthrough in hearing aid battery technology, Rayovac, a division of Spectrum Brands, Madison, Wis, offers a product launch brochure. This piece, titled Four Great Improvements, One Great Product, highlights the new product features and details the impact these changes make to the hearing aid battery user. (800) 356-7422; www.spectrumbrands.com.

Rexton Inc
Great for an office display, Rexton Inc, Plymouth, Minn, offers the Guide to Better Hearing consumer brochure. Filled with information about the technology of hearing instruments, patients can gain information about their hearing loss. Also included in the brochure are definitions of sensorineuarl and conductive hearing loss, a summary of the signs of hearing loss, and information on choosing a hearing instrument. (800) 876-1141; www.rexton-online.com.

Siemens Hearing Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, presents the ACURIS™ with e2e wireless™ product guide for hearing care professionals. This full-color guide offers detailed information about this hearing instrument family, including how e2e wireless gives wearers a truly binaural hearing experience, as well as high-speed feedback cancellation, and automatic and adaptive directional microphone systems. Also featured is an overview of models from the Micro-CIC™ to the ACURIS S BTE. (800) 766-4500; www.usa.siemens.com/hearing.

Sonic Innovations
Sonic Innovations, Salt Lake City, presents a new interactive CD focused on its hearing aid product, Innova. The CD includes topics such as product technology with sound demonstrations, patient controls, hearing aid design characteristics, and product specifications. The information contained on the CD matches the Innova Professional Information Guide. Both the interactive CD and Professional Information Guide are available upon request. (888) 423-7834; www.sonici.com.

Sonion, Minnetonka, Minn, presents its updated Product Overview 2006, which provides a quick guide to the product range of Sonion Hearing Instrument Components. The Product Overview highlights features and dimensions of the products, and supplements data sheets that provide further details. A free sample of the brochure and annual updates are available upon request. (952) 543-8300; www.sonion.com.  

Starkey Laboratories
Eden Prairie, Minn-based Starkey Laboratories’ Workshop Consultations program offers in-office events that highlight a practice’s services and products. Complete planning and support services for a variety of activities prior to and during the workshop are offered. A program kit provides a complete overview of the program’s details and easy scheduling options. (800) 328-8602; www.starkey.com.

Unitron Hearing
Unitron Hearing, Plymouth, Minn, offers a full-color brochure for professionals highlighting its new Conversa.NT. The latest addition to Unitron Hearing’s digital product family in the mid-level category, Conversa.NT is designed to improve conversations in more listening situations. The Conversa.NT family includes Moda, the full-featured open-fitting 10A BTE. Conversa.NT features and benefits are described in detail with charts, diagrams, and an at-a-glance summary. (800) 888-8882; www.unitronhearing.us.

Widex, Long Island City, NY, offers all authorized Senso Diva dispensers a marketing kit containing consumer brochures, testimonial flyers, post cards, an advertising CD, and more. Widex also offers a 10-minute consumer DVD for an office waiting room featuring testimonials on the need to do something about hearing loss. (800) 221-0188; www.widexpro.com.