EAR Inc's SHOTHUNT waterproof electronic earplugs and carrying case.

EAR Inc’s SHOTHUNT waterproof electronic earplugs and carrying case.

Colorado-based EAR Inc announces that its new SHOTHUNT waterproof electronic earplugs are designed to meet the needs of hunters and shooters. The company says that its P2i Aridion nanotechnology protects the electronic components of the plugs against water, moisture, sweat, and other corrosive elements. The SHOTHUNT earplugs are 100-percent digital, with a multichannel processor that automatically blocks out damaging noise above 85 db while amplifying quiet sounds to aid in communications, sound directionality, and environmental awareness.

SHOTHUNT’s “half-shell” shape is contoured to fit within the folds of the outer ear. A twist of the shell reportedly allows for a fit approaching that of a custom instrument, eliminating the need for custom ear impressions. The company reports that the replaceable memory-foam tip is available in three sizes, and adapts to the shape of the individual’s ear canal, providing a comfortable fit and retention within the ear.

SHOTHUNT electronic earplugs are suited for all shooting-related purposes, the company says, including hunting, shooting sports, and other civilian shooting disciplines. EAR believes the SHOTHUNT earplugs are also appropriate for military and police tactical/operational deployments, where shooters need protection from damaging loud noise while retaining environmental awareness, with the added benefit of a waterproof outer shell and interior components.

The new electronic earplugs are sold in a package that includes a carrying case, spare batteries, cleaning tool, and foam tips.

Source: EAR Inc