Deltek, the electromechanical components division of Knowles, offers a broad range of BTE, ITE, and CIC components as well as superior design engineering to meet any current and next generation platforms.

Model 2700 Moisture Protected Toggle Switch.

Deltek was formed by Knowles in 1996 through the acquisition and subsequent merger of Wilbrecht Electronics and RUF Electronics.

Today, Deltek has grown into a leading innovator and supplier of quality electromechanical products. Its broad product offering ranges from volume controls and trimmers to switches, telecoils, and programming components for both analog and digital hearing instrument platforms.

A Knowles Company

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Over the past several years, Deltek has refined and fortified its operation by adding a focus factory and operational support resources focused solely on the electromechanical market. Through additions of dedicated research and design teams, quality management and testing staff, and supply chain and logistics resources, Deltek has become the leading, proactive electromechanical products and solutions provider. This reorganization and investment in infrastructure and resources underline Knowles’ commitment to remaining the leading, single source for a complete line of components for all hearing instrument platforms.

Deltek’s business philosophy, centered on Quality, Innovation and Performance, is the same that has made Knowles Electronics the proven industry leader in transducer technology for over 50 years.

Model 2900 Momentary Push Button.

Quality is the number one characteristic of successful companies. A dedicated and Deltek-centric quality management team was organized to focus on continual product testing and improving overall product reliability. Additionally, Deltek has a dedicated supply chain staff and installed one of the most advanced supply chain management systems. The result is that Deltek’s consistently receives high supplier ratings from its customers for delivering quality-tested, reliable products on time.

Deltek also provides free, independent-laboratory qualification of its products as a value-added service to customers. This reduces the burden on customers’ quality departments when trying to source alternative replacements.

Qualified and experienced research and design engineers were assembled to improve existing products and develop next generation components. Products such as the new Model 2700 Moisture Protected Toggle Switch, which incorporates the only sealed switch element technology on the market, illustrate Deltek’s commitment to solving recurring customer problems. The Model 2900 Momentary Pushbutton is the only 1.9 mm pushbutton on the market to include over-travel technology that enables up to .40 mm of travel after contact is made. This design ensures a highly robust pushbutton even in mechanical applications where the tolerances are very tight.

Model 2005 2 and 3 Position Slide Switch.

By working closely with customers and actively soliciting field performance feedback, Deltek researches and implements continual improvements to enhance the performance of its products. For example, recent improvements to the Model 2005 2 and 3 Position Slide Switch have increased the life expectancy from 25,000 cycles to over 100,000 cycles. While the switch is not expected to endure such a large number of cycles, the improvement practically guarantees the switch will withstand the rigors of field operation.

Deltek sees many challenges in future product development. Size reduction, improved reliability, and enhanced performance are but just a few of the requirements facing the electromechanical industry. Deltek is committed to meeting these challenges.