Two new moisture removal instruments to be released March 2023

Redux, a drying technology company for hearing devices, announced that two new products are being released this March. The launch includes the Redux Pro Lite Hearing Instrument Dryer, an app-enabled version of the Redux Pro that functions as a moisture removal device for hearing instruments.

The company is also releasing the Redux @Home hearing instrument dryer, a moisture removal instrument that users can use at home. Redux has patented and developed a new way of drying devices in a way that brings professional-level outcomes to the home where users can be proactive for their device care and performance impact. Redux @Home is estimated to start shipping in June 2023.

The Redux verified complete moisture removal process is proven to improve performance in 80% of functional aids and also recover 50% of aids in dead condition.

“2023 is the year Redux will make our products most accessible to Hearing Care Professionals and now patients at home where they can be most proactive in maintaining their hearing instruments’ performance and longevity,” said James Shrake, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Redux @Home will be available for pre-sale to consumers on Redux’s new e-commerce site by mid-February, as well as to professionals in the form of the Redux Pro Lite bundle for new partners and a limited time preorder pricing for existing Redux Pro partners.

For more information Redux’s new products, visit their website

Source: Redux

Images: Redux