Fort Wayne, Ind — The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness™ Society is offering “Neurovestibular Sciences: The Study of Balance Medicine, Part One,” January 28-29, 2012, in Jacksonville, Fla.

The category one CME course is designed specifically to teach clinics and private practices how to manage dizzy and balance-disordered patients.

The program will teach participants how to identify risk factors, and properly diagnose and effectively treat patients whose lives are adversely affected by dizziness, vertigo, and movement disorders, as well as patients who have fallen in the past or are unsteady and at-risk of falling.

Participants will also gain an enhanced understanding of effective vestibular testing and common testing errors and implement vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT), including patient assessment, diagnosis and exercises.

The 2-day course offers up to 18 AMA PRA CME credit(s)™ for MDs and DOs. The director of the course is Randolph McKenzie, MD, PhD, FACS, of Chattanooga, Tenn.

In addition to the Florida location, the organization will be offering Part One in Los Angeles in February 2012, and in Indianapolis at a future date in 2012.  

A new intermediate "Part Two" course is approved for advanced study in balance medicine and will also be offered sometime in 2012. More information is available at

The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society is a Fort Wayne, Ind-based organization that was founded to advance the effectiveness of neurovestibular sciences, falls prevention, and wellness methods for health care professionals. Dr McKenzie is the medical director.

SOURCE: The Better Balance Fall Prevention and Wellness Society