Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS), Campbell, Calif, a provider of care and services for people suffering from tinnitus, has announced that it is now offering top-brand tinnitus hearing aids, and will soon be offering various tinnitus accessories nationwide. According to the announcement, many patients suffer from both tinnitus and hearing loss, and hearing aids with sound therapy can be beneficial in treating both conditions.

TTS reports that the company will initially offer hearing aids from ReSound, Starkey, and Widex, all of which have built in tinnitus treatment features. The tinnitus treatment sounds featured with these aids can either be soothing and relaxing, or can “mask” the tinnitus sounds, and may provide relief from ringing in the ears. At the same time, amplification can improve overall hearing, says the company.

Tinnitus is a complex condition with multiple potential causes, and involves both neurological and emotional components, according to TTS. Despite the fact that most tinnitus patients are told that nothing can be done, there are multiple tools available that can help. However there is no “one size fits all” solution, and every patient is unique.

TTS says its is staffed by caring tinnitus experts providing treatment conveniently (via tele-home care) to deliver short- and long-term patient relief. This includes offering a full range of products for the full spectrum of tinnitus patients.

“We are the only nationwide provider of specialized tinnitus treatments, and this is our area of expertise,” says Alex O’Dell, AuD, clinical audiologist at TTS. “Our patient-based care model is on the forefront of the growing trends of telemedicine and tele-audiology; not only are we offering a broad array of innovative products for the treatment of tinnitus, but our staff of caring audiologists provides patient care, education, support, and services that offer relief with minimal required office visits and maximum convenience. Everyone’s tinnitus is different, and by adding hearing aids to our repertoire we hope to expand the number of tinnitus sufferers who can find relief and success with sound therapy.”

Tinnitus Treatment Solutions is an independent professional organization comprised of audiologists specializing in tinnitus counseling and education services.

Source: Tinnitus Treatment Solutions

Photo credit: © Judith Dzierzawa | Dreamstime.com