By Fabrice Bardy

Tinnitus can be a challenging condition to live with, which can be further exacerbated by a lack of healthcare resources dedicated to its management as well as access to supportive communities. Hearing Power has developed Tinnibot as a way to help people suffering from tinnitus symptoms accept their condition; understand that no “quick-fix cure” currently exists, despite what some online sources may suggest; and work toward improving their quality of life through therapeutic methods.

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Dr Fabrice Bardy

During their years working in clinical audiology and hearing research in multiple countries, Tinnibot Co-founders Dr Fabrice Bardy and Dr Matthieu Recugnat were frustrated by what they saw as a lack of supportive resources available for people suffering from tinnitus. Their mission was to create a user-friendly way for people to access tinnitus therapies and tools, enabling greater relief from bothersome tinnitus symptoms.

Tinnibot is a virtual companion providing a suite of tools that help enable behavioral change specifically for tinnitus. It helps those suffering from the condition to help identify and manage it through evidence-based therapy. The exercises are personalized to the individual user and delivered via the convenience of a smartphone, to be used anywhere, anytime, for a marginal cost. The program utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), therapeutic soundscapes, and mindfulness training.

The app’s development is based on scientific research conducted at the University of Auckland School of Psychology and Leeds Trinity University in the United Kingdom. You can download Tinnibot through the Apple and Google Play stores.

Tinnibot is a chatbot that helps users manage their tinnitus. Co-founders Dr Fabrice Bardy and Dr Matthieu Recugnat along with the team at Hearing Power have been working on Tinnibot’s artificial intelligence-based capabilities to provide tinnitus care to more people sooner, cheaper, and more efficiently. More information available at

Images: Hearing Power