The Better Hearing Institute (BHI), Washington, offers a series of informative articles that practitioners can share with clients.

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Is There Tinnitus Relief through Herbal Treatments?
You have seen the ads claiming cures for tinnitus using herbs or homeopathic remedies. While these claims invite you to try the product risk free, the skeptic in me asked where is the evidence or research backing up these claims? BHI advisor, and noted audiologist, editor and publisher (Auricle Ink) Dr Richard Carmen took a close look at the evidence for the value of these products and answers definitively if they are snake oil products or real cures for tinnitus.

This article could be shared with people who have tinnitus and are considering purchasing these remedies.

Are You Aware of Your Hearing Loss?
Patricia Kricos, PhD, has written another wonderful counseling article for the BHI titled “Are you aware of your hearing loss?” This article is written with sensitivity for the average American and includes a folksy test in slide format.

Hearing health professionals are encouraged to use this article to promote their practice. In addition, BHI has added Kricos’s PowerPoint presentation for hearing professionals to include in their consumer presentations.

Back to School Press Release
For hearing professionals specializing in pediatric patients, BHI has issued a national back-to-school press release titled "Even Minor Hearing Loss Puts Kids at Risk for Learning Problems, Better Hearing Institute Warns."

Hearing health professionals may use this material to promote their practices.

[Source: BHI]