Garrison Keillor, David Letterman, Steve Martin, Leonard Nimoy, and Barbara Streisand are some of the notable individuals among an estimated 40 million Americans dealing with tinnitus. Some might say the number of treatments out there rivals the number of sufferers of the sensation of ringing or noise that seems to originate in the ear or head, but cannot be heard by anyone else. Be it drugs and nutrients, electrical stimulation, surgery, external sound treatment, psychological treatment, sound- or light-based therapy, there is no shortage of ways to tackle tinnitus. The following are a few products and treatments that claim to offer relief.


Backed by more than 15 years of tinnitus research and clinical studies, the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment offers clinically proven effectiveness in reducing tinnitus for many patients. The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment consists of acoustic therapy along with a program of education, support, and monitoring from a qualified audiologist. Its aim is to break the negative cycle of tinnitus disturbance, rather than objectively lower the sound level, which results in reduced awareness of tinnitus and its associated disturbance. Bethlehem, Pa-based Neuromonics’ noninvasive, FDA-cleared Oasis device is customized to the patient’s unique hearing and tinnitus profile. It delivers a customized acoustic stimulus that promotes neural plastic changes, allowing the brain to filter out the disturbing tinnitus sound.

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Responding to the need of individuals with tinnitus, Beltone, Glenview, Ill, has developed a specific tool to help manage the perception of the unwanted sounds. The Tinnitus Breaker—featured in the Beltone Reach hearing instruments—produces low-volume white noise comprised of mixed frequencies that, when combined with counseling, is designed to make the distressing tinnitus sound less noticeable.

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Ear Inc, Boulder, Colo, offers RingSTOP, an all-natural product for people with tinnitus. The product is a homeopathic formula available in capsule form containing amino acids, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins that have been reported to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

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Solace Free Choice

Amplisound Hearing Products & Services, Danielson, Conn, offers Solace Free Choice for tinnitus sufferers. This small receiver-in-the-canal BTE includes a four-channel directional digital hearing aid. There is a digital-programmable sound generator, and music input for Bluetooth or direct-wired neckloop. The wearer can select from any array of combinations or independent use of its features. A large volume control wheel makes for accurate sound generator level adjustment.

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The Inhibitor

Melmedtronics Inc, Hurst, Tex, offers The Inhibitor, a handheld, rechargeable tinnitus treatment device that delivers an ultrasonic signal in the range of 20 to 60 kHz during the 1-minute application period. Developed by David Holmes, PhD, president and CEO, Hearing and Speech Centers Inc, the Inhibitor is reported to temporarily inhibit the annoying sound of tinnitus in 70% to 75% of patients treated, with the amount of relief time varying.

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Tinni-Fix from Gen5Labs, Orem, Utah, is designed for the symptomatic relief and prevention of tinnitus symptoms, ringing and/or buzzing in the ears, and sensitivity to noise. It contains quality all-natural herbal extracts, specific amino acids, important antioxidants, and special vitamins and minerals formulated specifically for the relief of ear noise including tinnitus. Tinni-Fix has also been found successful in aiding overall hearing function.

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Total Tinnitus Solution

T-Gone Remedies Inc, Las Vegas, offers a two-step tinnitus formula specially formulated to reduce tinnitus and boost immune systems using a high-potency proprietary blend of natural vitamins and antioxidants along with pharmaceutical-grade ginkgo biloba extract and melatonin. The two-step process refers to the twice-daily dosing involved. The company also markets its “Total Tinnitus Solution,” comprised of a five-part program of educational reference material, homeopathic remedies, and white noise tinnitus masking CDs.

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Ti-Ex Tinnitus Therapy Device

Since its invention in 1998 by engineer Gerald Neuwirth, of Brau, Austria–then an 11-year sufferer of tinnitus–thousands of people have reportedly been successfully treating their tinnitus with the Ti-Ex Tinnitus Therapy Device. The Ti-Ex works by delivering controlled electromagnetic pulses from the base unit, which resembles a portable audio player in size, to the inner ear through headphones. A 4-month treatment program is recommended, and the devices are available on a rental basis.

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DisMark GmbH, Maur, Switzerland, has developed the TinniTool self-treatment device that utilizes low-level laser therapy to reportedly relieve tinnitus. While not proclaiming to be a complete cure, TinniTool reportedly works to reduce the effects of tinnitus by increasing the blood flow in the inner ear. The soft laser (5 mW output and 650 nm wavelength) penetrates the subcutaneous layers, which in effect allows the re-generation of healthy inner ear cells.

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Tinnitus Phase-Out

The Tinnitus Control Center, New York, offers a patented Tinnitus Phase-Out treatment based on sound cancellation principles in a therapy pioneered by Dr Daniel S. J. Choy that is designed to address predominant-tone tinnitus, or that perceived mostly at a single pitch. With a customized approach that uses proprietary software, a health care professional analyzes the audio characteristics of a patient’s tinnitus. Matching the sound pattern to the patient’s pitch and volume level, a phase-shift audio technology is applied to create a program that is said to significantly reduce, or even in some cases eliminate, the patient’s perception of the affliction. That unique solution is then programmed into a personal treatment device utilized three times per week for 30-minute sessions.

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