Bloomington, Minn — Just in time for the International Hearing Society (IHS) conference in Boston, ReSound has introduced the Alera TS™, which combines an advanced hearing aid with a tinnitus sound generator (TSG).

TSGs are a common approach in tinnitus sound therapy. They work by administering sounds that are designed to make the disturbing tinnitus noise less noticeable, drawing the patient’s attention away from the tinnitus tones.

Michael Piskosz, MS, ReSound, commented in the press announcement, "This kind of sound therapy, when combined with informed counseling, is recognized as a highly effective way of managing tinnitus."

Alera TS also provides flexibility for individualized sound therapy. Hearing professionals can customize the device to address the personalized needs of each tinnitus sufferer.

The Alera TS is being introduced at a time when tinnitus is the most prevalent physical disability reported by military service members and veterans.

ReSound stated in its press release that 83% of Veterans Administration audiologists reported a significant or satisfactory improvement in their patients’ tinnitus symptoms after activating the TSG feature.