New book from Plural Publishing on tinnitus and hyperacusis Plural Publishing Inc, San Diego, Calif, has announced the publication of a new text, Tinnitus: Clinical and Research Perspectives, which summarizes contemporary findings from basic and clinical research regarding tinnitus and hyperacusis mechanisms, effects, and interventions. The text features a collection of international authors, active researchers, and clinicians who provide a scope of material that should be relevant to both patients and professionals.

According to the publisher, the text should have value for classroom use in audiology and otolaryngology programs. Patients and students of audiology will likely benefit from the text’s coverage of tinnitus mechanisms, emerging practice considerations, and expectations for outcomes–for example, recent successes of cognitive behavioral therapy, neuromodulation, and hearing aid use. The influence of tinnitus on all aspects of life is explored, from art to medicine and communication to isolation, thereby providing clinicians and patients a deeper understanding of and greater facility managing a tinnitus experience. The text includes case studies that provide a practical view of tinnitus effects and management approaches.

The book’s consideration of mechanisms, interventions, and outcomes is intended to resonate with patients, clinicians, and students of audiology. Some of the topics addressed in the 21 chapters within the book include Tinnitus and Hyperacusis in Literature and Music, Clinical Aspects of Somatic Modulation of Tinnitus, Misophonia and Phonophobia, The Mechanism and Time Course of Tinnitus Associated With Hearing Impairment, Animal Models of Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, Psychological Mechanisms and Tinnitus, Tinnitus in Military and Veteran Populations, and Drug-Induced Tinnitus, among many others.

The authors of the book are David M. Baguley, PhD, and Marc Fagelson, PhD.

?Source: Plural Publishing Inc