American researchers have discovered a potential cure for some instances of tinnitus in the nerve agent Botox. One in four tinnitus patients in a study experienced improvement in their symptoms following treatment with Botox.

Scientists from the California Ear Institute, San Ramon, Calif, carried out a series of tests with Botox treatment for patients with tinnitus. Some 26 participants received small Botox injections in their ears; seven reported improvements in tinnitus symptoms after 4 months, 16 reported no change, and three said their tinnitus had become worse.

Botox is a nerve agent commonly used in cosmetic surgery and in treatment of excessive perspiration, spasms and other conditions.

To support the results of the study, the experimental treatment was given twice. The participants were divided into two groups, one of which was injected with a placebo in the first round of treatments, while the other received the placebo in the second treatment. The participants did not know when they were treated one way or the other.

The placebo part of the experiment confirmed the results of the Botox treatments. Some participants reported no change when they received Placebo injections, others said their tinnitus got worse.

The scientists say that more research is needed to gain an understanding of the effect of Botox on tinnitus and how it might become part of future tinnitus treatment strategies.


[Source: hear it]