The new, fully automatic Motion line of hearing instruments from Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, is offered in six BTEs, two performance levels, 14 natural color choices, and a line of custom models. 

The products include a feedback reduction algorithm, advanced localization, automatic learning, and a speech and noise management system, so even in complex listening environments there is no need to change programs or adjust volume settings. The optional Tek Bluetooth wireless enhancement with Tek Connect remote control streams music, phone calls, and TV audio to the hearing instruments in full stereo sound.

The line features natural sound technology and design features attractive to wearers seeking to simplify the daily maintenance of their hearing loss. Algorithms (or advanced signal processing) such as SoundLearning and DataLearning remember sound quality and volume settings, and eWindScreen continually analyzes incoming signals to detect wind noise, then automatically adjusts signal processing to reduce it. The instruments can be fully charged in 5 hours in a specially designed optional charger, eliminating the need to buy and replace batteries. 

Other features include:

  • SoundSmoothing transient noise suppression technology (such as the sound of utensils while eating, or the noise of a closing door or rustling paper) that can increase the wearer’s satisfaction with their hearing instruments.
  • FeedbackBlocker, a sophisticated feedback management system that searches for feedback patterns and automatically reduces or eliminates them before they are heard by the wearer or anyone else.
  • TruEar advanced localization technology that simulates natural acoustical functions of the outer ear and assists wearers in distinguishing sounds in front of them from those behind them, while e2e wireless 2.0 technology creates a unified system by wirelessly synchronizing both instruments. 
  • SoundBrilliance adds brilliance to amplified sound by artificially adding high frequency signals.
  • Multi-channel adaptive directional microphone systems provide automatic transitions to improve speech intelligibility in difficult listening environments.
  • Optional remote controls allow wearers to discreetly turn their instruments on and off, change programs, and control volume.