Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, introduces its new Life hearing instruments, developed for new and current users.

The instruments offer three performance levels in an open-fitting configuration and need little maintenance due to durable BTE style, ultra-thin LifeTubes, and replaceable tips. They offer the company’s latest natural-sound technologies, and include a palette of 16 exclusive colors and designs (with names such as Golden Blonde, Sandy Brown, Charming, Berry Charming, Fresh, and Suave).

The instruments are capable of connecting to the wearer’s personal world of sound in true stereo with Siemens TekT, an optional wireless enhancement. Via Bluetooth wireless technology, the Tek transmitter streams sound from an MP3 player, mobile phone, TV, or other audio device to the hearing instruments, transforming them into a virtual wireless stereo headset.

Featured technologies include algorithms (or advanced signal processing), such as SoundLearningT and DataLearning, which remember sound quality and volume settings, and eWindScreen, which continually analyzes incoming signals to detect wind noise, then automatically adjusts signal processing to reduce it. 

Other features include:

  • SoundSmoothing, transient noise suppression technology (such as the sound of utensils while eating, or the noise of a closing door or rustling paper), which can increase the wearer’s satisfaction with their hearing instruments.
  • FeedbackBlocker, the feedback management system that searches for feedback patterns and automatically reduces or eliminates them before they are heard by the wearer or anyone else.
  • TruEar,  the advanced localization technology that simulates natural acoustical functions of the outer ear and assists wearers in distinguishing sounds in front of them from those behind them.
  • SoundBrillianceT adds brilliance to amplified sound by artificially adding high-frequency signals.
  • Multi-channel adaptive directional microphone systems provide automatic transitions to improve speech intelligibility in difficult listening environments.
  • e2e wireless 2.0 creates a unified system by wirelessly synchronizing both instruments.
  • Optional slim ePen remote control allows wearers to discreetly turn their instruments on and off, change programs, and control volume. A more traditional remote control with larger buttons, the ProPocketT remote, is also available.